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The Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro Dianas, part of the new top tier segment of the brand, is a delicious Robusto Extra, which comes in a box of 20 cigars. The “Linea de Oro”, literally the “golden line” in Spanish is the pendant of the Maduro 5 line for the Cohiba, the top of the crop among the Romeo y Julieta brand, launched to celebrate the brand's 145th anniversary. Habanos released three totally new cigars, which are among the biggest ring gauge cigars available among Habanos, the Hidalgos, the Nobles and Dianas. The Dianas vitola is called a Damas, 52 ring gauge by 5 ¾ inches and, as the other two, comes in a refined high lacquered box of 20 cigars. One can right away see that these cigars are different from the regular production line, as the box is painted in a very elegant red and gold colors, adorned with an embossed golden medallion on the lid, representing the classic balcony scene. Each cigar comes with a specific Linea de Oro band with the name of the cigar as well as a secondary golden band at the foot. The Hidalgos, Nobles and Dianas are all stronger than the regular Romeo y Julieta cigars, their strength around medium to full. The main flavors of the Dianas are of wood, earth and leather while the whole smoke is very creamy.

Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro Dianas - cigar

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Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro Dianas - 20 cigars [5.75” x 52]

Announced in 2020 and releases to celebrate the brand’s 145th anniversary

  • • Part of the Linea de Oro line, which are among the best Habanos out of Cuba
  • • Massive cigar with a medium-full body and amazing Cuban flavors

One of the most exclusive cigar, ideal for special occasions


The Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro Dianas comes in a very elegant red and golden high gloss luxury boîte nature box of 20 cigars. Habanos packing code SPB-S-n-n-n-20


Length: 145 mm (5.75 inches)

Ring Gauge: 52


Robusto Extra


The box of Linea de Oro Dianas is really elegant and stands out from regular Habanos boxes. It is a high gloss lacquered wooden cabinet, crafted in sycamore, painted in red-brown and is adorned with a golden medallion depicting the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. The lower edge of the lid is also painted in gold. The box reflects the high quality and attention that Habanos dedicated to this new top-end of the Romeo and Julieta line. The cigars are impeccable and are as close to perfection as possible. Each cigar is embellished by a golden foot band which underlines the special status of these cigars. The cigar band is also different from the regular Romeo y Julieta brand, this band is much larger and in full gold color. The band bears the brand logo as well as the words “Linea de Oro” and the name of the vitola. This vitola is called Diana, and is comparable to a Double Robusto, with a large ring gauge of 52, and is 145 millimeter long. The cigars are rolled with tobacco entirely grown in the Cuban premium region, Vuelta Abajo. Each cigar is extremely well rolled, with a perfect triple cap and no apparent vein on the Colorado wrappers.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

At cold, the cigar smells good, with a scent reminiscent of old books. The draw is pretty open and gives off some aromas of wood, hay and some good quality tobacco.

Burn/ Draw

Once we light up the Diana, the flavors in the palate are very good and the strength is at the medium level. The cigar greets us gently with some refined flavors of caramel as well as some herbal hints.

Initial third:

Reaching the end of the first third, we can say that the Romeo y Julieta Diana is a very well constructed cigar, the ash builds up beautifully at the foot even if it falls down before reaching half of the cigar. It revealed a perfect cone, a sign of a very well rolled cigar. Each puff also generates generous plumes of smoke and the draw is still very easy to work with. The strength has been pretty mild since the opening, which helps the palate to enjoy the complexity of flavors that the Dianas has to offer. We can spot some wood (but not cedar), plenty of spices, nuts (almond), and plenty of cream. The typical herbal notes that you would expect from a Romeo y Julieta are not present, but all the flavors world very well together and the cigar is very enjoyable.

Middle third:

Reaching the end of the second third, the Dianas showed a pleasant evolution. The strength went up a notch and has well reached the medium mark. While the draw is still flawless, the cigar requires some attention to remain lit but nothing that hampers the smoking experience. The burn line can also be wavy, but it self corrects into a nice straight line. The cigar flavors evolved from the first third, as the wood receded to the background, while the dominating flavors are now the typical Cuban earth and leather, as well a few notes of fruits (cherry). There are sporadically few notes of youth but the overall impression is very good. This is a cigar of very high quality.

Final third:

In the final third, the strength increases a little bit more and is hovering around the medium to strong mark. The flavors do not evolve much from the second third, and the mouth feeling is still very smooth in the palate. The few harsh notes of youth have disappeared, and the complexity has increased even more. It is a very good cigar, as close as it gets to perfection. It pairs very well with a black coffee or a creamy coffee.

Overall, the Romeo y Julieta Dianas is one of the best currently out of Cuba, great right out of the truck but it also has a great potential for aging.

Smoking time:

60 minutes – 1 hour 20 minutes

Additional Information

Brand Romeo y Julieta
Box of 20
Length 145 mm (5.75 inches)
Ring Gauge 52
Shape Robusto Extra
Strength Medium - Full
Packing Code SPB-S-n-n-n-20

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