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The Bolivar New Gold Medal LCDH is a 2023 La Casa Del Habano exclusive release. A Grand Corona of 6½” (165mm) by 48 ring gauge, and comes in a box of 10 cigars wrapped in gold foil. Sharing the same vitola as the Montecristo No.1 (Cervantes), the Bolivar Gold Medal was initially discontinued in 1992. However, it made a comeback in 2004 exclusively for La Casa Del Habano Germany, with only 1000 boxes produced. In 2007, it was re-released as a La Casa Del Habano exclusive but was later discontinued in 2011. In 2023, a new version was introduced—the New Gold Medal. While maintaining the same length as its predecessor, it now boasts a larger ring gauge, adopting the Partagas 15 vitola, similar to the Ramon Allones Imperiales. According to Habanos S.A., the Bolívar New Gold Medal is hailed as one of the finest Habanos in the current selection, renowned for its full flavor, strength, and body. Its distinctive earthy essence is a defining feature, complemented by spicy, fruity, and roasted tobacco notes. The amalgamation of these nuanced flavors has elevated it to the status of a new cult favorite among Habanos enthusiasts. Observations while smoking: Starts off light initially but gradually intensifies. Exhibits the robust strength characteristic of Bolivar cigars. Displays promising potential for aging.

Bolivar New Gold Medal LCDH - cigar

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Bolivar New Gold Medal LCDH - 10 cigars [6½” x 48]

New release of a classic Bolivar cigar discontinued in the 2000’s

  • • Medium-full bodied cigar with plenty of typical Cuban flavors: earthiness, fruitiness, nuttiness, coffee, and leather.
  • • A cigar that stands out in your humidor with its beautiful gold foil wrapping each cigar

A perfect construction, a unique look, do not miss your chance to miss this instant classic


The Romeo y Julieta Maravillas 8 Year of the Rat 2020 comes in a dress box of 10 cigars in gold foil. Habanos packing code CB-UW-C/S-10-G/F-10


Length: 165 mm (6.5 inches)

Ring Gauge: 48


Grand Corona


The Bolivar New Gold Medal features dimensions of 6 1/2 inches in length with a 48 ring gauge; its vitola is referred to as the Partagas 15 in Cuban cigar factories. The addition of "new" in its name is meant to emphasize its distinction from the previously available Bolivar Gold Medal, which shared the same length but had a thinner profile at only 42 ring gauge. The original Bolivar Gold Medal was discontinued in 2011.

The primary distinction between this iteration and the original lies in its slightly increased thickness. While the original measured 6 and 1/2 inches in length with a 42 ring gauge, the new LCDH version boasts a 6 and 1/2-inch length with a 48 ring gauge, making it notably thicker than its predecessor. This places it in the realm of Churchill territory, specifically a Churchill size with 6 1/2 inches in length and a 47 ring gauge. When considering the amount of tobacco packed into this cigar, the difference is minimal, almost negligible, compared to a Churchill-sized cigar. This marks a substantial shift, transitioning from a lonsdale-type size to approaching the volume of tobacco associated with a Churchill. Notably, this cigar stands out for its impressive presentation, ranking among the most visually appealing cigars.

It is a very aesthetically pleasing smoke. The wrapper boasts a lovely reddish-brown hue, reminiscent of a Rosado wrapper, contributing to its overall attractive appearance. The cigar exudes a sense of elegance with its fancy and refined look. Each individual cigar is meticulously encased in a regal sheet of golden foil paper adorned with the distinctive Bolivar logo, creating a repeated pattern that adds to the cigar's sophisticated and distinguished presentation.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The cold draw is enjoyable, resembling a cappuccino or latte macchiato with a touch of sweetness. There's also a subtle hint of leather, adding an intriguing dimension to the flavor profile.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is satisfactory, and the smoke output is also very good. There's a good amount of smoke right from the start, which is pleasing. The creaminess noticed in the cold draw has dissipated, giving way to a bold, pure black coffee flavor in the initial stages. The dominant notes at the beginning are a robust combination of leather and coffee.

Initial third:

The Bolivar New Gold Medal rapidly gains intensity after the initial light puffs, which were relatively mild. It progresses swiftly, starting off with mild tones but quickly developing rich and pleasing flavors. The beginning is fantastic, featuring typical Cuban notes of earthiness, fruitiness, nuttiness, coffee, and leather. There's a notable absence of harshness, pepperiness, or spiciness, making it a smooth yet earthy smoking experience. The smoke is dense and heavy, but the cigar maintains its smoothness, offering a delightful combination of fruity, nutty, and earthy flavors. The start of the Bolivar New Gold Medal cigar is impressive.

In terms of strength, it leans towards the stronger side for a Cuban cigar. Given Bolivar's reputation as one of the more robust brands within the Habanos portfolio, the New Gold Medal lives up to its strength. A subtle sweetness is present, accompanied by a touch of saltiness on the lips. The cigar carries a bit of bitterness, characteristic of its freshness. The palate enjoys a long, lingering finish, as expected from a Bolivar cigar. The initial hints of sweetness are promising, with some hints of salty and citrusy tanginess. While there's a hint of ammonia, it's not overwhelming, and such nuances are expected with a fresh cigar.

Middle third:

Approaching the halfway mark of this cigar, the cigar exhibits exceptional build-up from the start, initially presenting mild strength but delightful flavors. However, it truly comes into its own at the halfway point, revealing a noticeable increase in strength. Unlike the current Bolivar Belicosos commonly found nowadays, which tend to be milder, the New Gold Medal stands out with its robust kick. It diverges from the typical morning smoke, offering a chewy texture and a satisfying puff at the halfway mark.

The flavors continue to impress; while the fruity notes slightly recede, the nuttiness persists, and the earthy tones become more pronounced. The stick improves as it progresses, delivering excellent coffee-roasted sweetness and a notable leather intensity, characteristic of a classic Bolivar Cuban profile.

Maintaining its heavy citrus tanginess on the palate throughout, the finish is remarkably long and lingering. This dominant note remains consistent, accompanied by a subtle fruitiness and a hint of toasted tobacco and earthiness in the retrohale.

In terms of complexity, this cigar is straightforward, showcasing a clear flavor profile. While it possesses weight and depth, it doesn't reach the strength levels of many new world cigars. Yet, within the realm of Cuban standards, it stands out as notably heavier. This deviation from the typical Cuban cigar experience is refreshing. As for construction, the burn has been nearly perfect, requiring only minor touch-ups. The draw tightened as it approached the halfway point, but a small cut remedied it, allowing the flavors to flow freely once again. Overall, the construction of this cigar has been commendable.

Final third:

In the final third, the sweetness in the retrohale becomes more subdued, leaning towards a heightened earthiness. Meanwhile, the palate still experiences a long, lingering finish dominated by that tangy citrus note. The retrohale introduces a blend of toasted tobacco and earthiness, which begins to counterbalance the initially heavy citrus mouthfeel. Although it may not entirely overshadow the citrus finish on the palate, I anticipate that aging will contribute to greater balance and complexity in the cigar's profile as time progresses. It is a pleasant surprise. One notable aspect of this cigar is the substantial and lingering finish, providing a generous mouthful. For those who don't typically retrohale, this cigar offers a satisfyingly dense and full-bodied experience.

Undoubtedly, it's a cigar with full strength and a robust, full-bodied profile. While it's still a fresh and youthful cigar, overall, I believe these cigars hold promising potential.

The cigar has shown surprising quality, especially considering its freshness and youth. It has considerable aging potential. As time goes on, one can anticipate that the flavors and overall quality of the cigar will improve significantly with aging. While it already tastes excellent at this point, one can envision it evolving into something even more beautiful with a smoother and richer character due to its existing smoothness and flavor complexity.

In summary: This cigar is truly exceptional, and provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience. This cigar is both beautiful and boasts delightful flavors. It's genuinely a fantastic cigar. Despite being relatively fresh and young, the cigar has showcased impressive qualities, indicating significant aging potential. For enthusiasts seeking a stronger and more robust smoking experience, this cigar is an excellent choice. Looking ahead, one can expect it to retain its strength but develop a heightened sense of balance and complexity as it ages. With time, the aging process will likely refine the cigar, smoothing out any tannins and unlocking even more potential.

Smoking time:

1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes

Additional Information

Brand Bolivar
Box of 10
Length 6.5 inches (165 mm)
Ring Gauge 48
Shape Giant Corona
Strength Full
Packing Code CB-UW-C/S-10-G/F-10

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