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My "Go-to" Red Wine Cigar , 3/13/2016 By Dave

Overall I've had a few boxes of these and I like them every time. As with other Maduros I've had that are NC you get this strange taste from the wrapper if there low quality, but these the quality shines through.

This is a truly relaxing cigar. Great amount of flavors. Lot's of chocolate, pepper, and coffee. These pair excellent with red wine for me. The construction has been good on most. Burn line has been off and on, but that's typical of Maduros no fault to Cohiba. I really like these for certain occasions and found ROTT there very good. Finally, the aroma of these are excellent. If you're thinking about trying them and like Maduros go for it you will not be disappointed.
I'll have one now , 1/2/2015 By Robert

Perfectly built, dense and secure. A very fragrant, solid aroma on the first draws, developing strength and a deeper pitch as the cigar burned down half way. Wonderfully balanced, attractive to the last quarter. There is became a little overstrong. I'd love to have another right now.
Cohiba Magicos - August 2013 , 7/20/2014 By Serap

The Cohiba Magicos box of 10 was purchased in December 2013 and box-stamped in August 2013. The stogies have been aged for a period 7 months.

Upon the selection of one specimen, I noticed the cigar looked quite dry with no visible oil - mind you they have been kept at the relative humidity of 69-71% humidity under controlled temperature. I feel the dryness could be due to the Maduro wrapper. This is strange as I have had non-cuban maduros sporting oily and soft wrappers.

The draw was just right with flavors of chocolate and cream - truly yummy!!!

1st half:

Since the stogie is quite short, I felt it apt to divide it into two parts.

The cigar opened beautifully with aromas of coffee, chocolate and mint in the foreground and a little white pepper in the background as I could feel the spiciness in the back of my throat. The burn was razor sharp and the body was medium with a medium finish.

2nd half:

Wow!! The second half has turned into a pepper BOMB - now the pepper is all in the foreground and the chocolate/cocoa have taken the back seat.

With every puff, the pepper is getting stronger and stronger - any more, and I would have to let it go...

I stop smoking the stogie about 3/4 of inch to the nub as pepper isn't, really, my cup of tea in the hot and humid summer night!

I feel with more age, the pepper can mellow out and the mixture of pepper and cocoa would surely constitute lovely flavors - but for now I am going to give these cigars a rest of about a full year before trying them again.

IMHO, this vitola is great for smokers who enjoy short smokes of 40-50 minutes with strong spicy treats.

With proper age, these stogies have the potential of being gems hidden in a lucky guy's humidor.

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