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The Partagas Super Partagas is an inexpensive classic Habanos, of Cremas format, 40 ring gauge, 5’5” (140mm) long and comes in a box of 25 cigars. This is a long filler cigar, handmade with a new blend and a higher quality tobacco. A very rich cigar that has nice aromas of smoked wood, earth, cream and spices. The Super Partagas has a medium tobacco taste that is slightly sweet. Goes very well with a black coffee. Its wrapper is beautiful and oily. Even better when aged. Probably the best cigar for such a low price.

Partagas Super Partagas - 25 cigars

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Partagas Super Partagas – 25 Cigars [5.5 x 40]

An easy to afford real Habanos.

  • • A medium tobacco taste, blended with earthy and peppery flavors.
  • • Captures the essence of the classic Partagas flavor profile.

A medium sized real Cuban cigar at a price you can’t beat. Real value.


The Partagas Super Partagas comes in a dress box of 25 cigars with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 140 mm

Diameter: 15.87 mm

Ring Gauge: 40

Shape: Cremas


Nice oily wrapper, nice construction. Smooth to the touch, no bumps or hard spots. Even bunch at the foot.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Sweet tobacco on the nose with a tad of pepper. Foot smells of tobacco.

Burn/ Draw

A little firm draw with a slightly wavy burn that may require a touch up or two but does not diminish the flavor.

Initial third:

The Super Partagas ignites effortlessly and greets you with a big puff of tobacco right off the bat. It is not aggressive either; the tobacco is rich and surely a medium bodied format. You know you are smoking a Partagas with the sweet flavors that this Habano releases.

Middle third:

The second third is very enjoyable. The cigar is definitely not complex however. The flavor profile is fairly similar to the first third, still lots of sweet tobacco, with an incredible cheesecake taste. It stays consistent all the middle third.

Final third:

The final third is much as the first two. Medium bodied with great tobacco and cheesecake taste.

In summary, it does what it was designed to do and that is to be a good, flavorsome inexpensive Partagas cigar.

Smoking time:

45 - 60 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Partagas
Box of 25
Length 5.5 inches (140 mm)
Ring Gauge 40
Factory Shape Crema
Strength Full
Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Value , 12/7/2017
By Thomas
This is a great cigar for the money. It is an excellent stick for when I want the Cuban experience with limited time and without the hurt on the money. Most cigars in the box tasted great for the cost. There were minor issues with consistency with some of the sticks. But what do you want for the money?
Ho hum , 10/2/2017
By El Fumador
Price is right if your expectations are not too high. Some had rolling issues but for the price it is a decent smoke if there is nothing better around. Maybe I should have let them age a bit.
Good not great , 8/8/2017
By StogieSteve
Good cigar with a smooth burn, firm draw and woody notes. Great for the price.
Great for the Money , 4/15/2016
By Jacob
It's hard to find a good cigar like this for this low price. Good length, small ring gauge but not to small. Good construction, draw, and lots of smoke on every puff.
Exceeded my expectations , 2/5/2016
By James
I was expecting a good value cigar. What I received was a box dated Nov 2014, so some good age on the cigars already. They showed some light crystallization on all the cigars, another sign they have been properly stored. The smell was great, the draw after the cut was perfect. I lit up and was immediately surprised by the thick white smoke that every draw produced. A very nice burn with a great grey ash with traces of black throughout. The first third was good, the 2nd third was better, and the final third left me feeling that every puff was better than the previous. I smoked it to a nub and I felt like I had just enjoyed a very fine cigar. I was so surprised and pleased with these. What a fantastic bargain!
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