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Great Value in a classic Cuban Cigar , 7/30/2018 By Robert

Just got a box of these from Cigar Terminal. Box date Nov. 2017. Smoking very good right upon arrival. Wrappers are near perfect--silky, soft, and smooth.

I have smoked many of these over the years and they rarely, if ever, disappoint. Hoyo is a brand that seems to deliver consistency throughout it's entire line up, and the Double Corona is no exception.

Having had time to smoke a few of these since arrival, the only nit, and it's perhaps more than just a nit, is the uneven burn. Mine usually require a touch up or two while smoking. That said, it's a big coat and worth a little extra effort--especially since the flavor is so good throughout the cigar.

Given the size of these, and how great they taste, I have to say this is one of the best values out there at $12-$15 a stick.
Smooth and Consistent , 4/20/2017 By Frank

This is my first box of these and I am very pleased. The construction of these cigars is virtually flawless- with the exception of one cigar that burned unevenly and began to unravel the others I have smoked out of my box have been perfect. A 5-Star cigar but I docked a star due to the straggler that fell apart on me.

The flavor is even throughout the cigar and I would actually consider this one of the milder Cubans that I have smoked. With that being said, the flavor is still classic Habano: grassy with hints of nut and coffee. Each puff is as good as the last.

Leave yourself a good 90 minutes to enjoy this with your favorite libation and some friends. You will be eager to do it again tomorrow!
Great Smoke , 3/24/2017 By Timothy

Very firm draw but overall great smoke, very flavorful and well balanced.
Hoyo alway excellent , 12/30/2016 By Tony

My favorite Hoyo by far just smoked my last one out of two boxes everyone perfect from beginning to end.
A Premium Cigar at a great price! , 7/7/2016 By Kevin

I just ordered my 7th box of these today. The Double Corona never disappoints. I've had some of the best cigars in the world and this one ranks right up there with the best of them! Starts of with that classic Cubana flavor, and it gets better through the final two thirds of the stick. Once you get to the final third of the stick, you'll find a still-smooth and even burn. Flavor continues to impress and never burns hot unless you get in a hurry. Enjoy the entire stick slowly and you'll be rewarded with flavors that are hard to find in any other smoke.
One of the best , 4/25/2016 By TBK

My all time favorite never lets me down. From beginning to end the taste is consistent through out packed with great flavor and a very nice finish
Nice long evening , 10/15/2014 By JOE

My smoking buddy, and I, thought this would be a perfect addition to our collections. We get together during weekday evenings quite often. (Weekends too but this is about the weekdays) We often smoke two cigars in a night. This becomes quite costly when you add up all of the nights.

We bought these Double Coronas because:
A) We love the Hoyo brand (especially Epicure Especial)
B) We needed a smoke that would stand as our only one

Last night we smoked our first one from the new box (bought here at CT) It was a pleasant and gentle smoke. The cigar wasn't overpowering in any way. As mentioned in another review, if you pay attention you may find this is a very nice "understated elegance" type of cigar. It's a good thing there weren't any overpowering flavours as a cigar this large would become daunting for some.

My only real criticism is with the minimal smoke. The draw was good but the smoke was not all there. I suppose some time in the humidor (we smoked this the day they arrived) may help. We'll try again in a couple weeks and I'll update our experience.

Either way, this is a fantastic cigar and we have decided to add them to our 'staple' collection.
Truly magnificent smoke , 5/19/2014 By Chris

Very well made cigars with a truly first class build quality and flavour profile.

The smell starts with mostly barnyard with hints of tobacco sweetness. Once lit, the flavours are nice and light, honey, small touches of vanilla and a little mocha. As the cigar progresses some white pepper is noticed, especially on the retrohale! More sweet notes of tobacco and some oaty flavours peek out and tease the palette. Near the end the strength builds up and the flavours reach some pleasant yet potent levels. More white pepper and tobacco sweetness with a stronger more espresso style of coffee flavour can be tasted closer to the end along with some very intriguing molasses and treacle notes popping up.

The burn line can have one or two runs but it will even out relatively quickly. The length keeps the smoke cool as you start and the quality of both the blend and the tobacco keep it from getting tarry or sour near the nub. The draw is pretty easy, considering the length and I have never had trouble in that regard with these cigars.

If you decide on a box of these be prepared to wait, they will need a minimum of about a year before they are smokable and even then the ammonia levels can be a little too high for some tastes. This is a great example of a cigar you can purchase and lay down to rest, saving only for those moments when you wish to spend a good two hours or so enjoying a very fine and very tasty cigar.

It would be great paired with a fairly light bodied coffee or a nice grain whisky (Teelings Single Grain is a very good example).
Brilliant , 5/7/2014 By Leonard

This is a big cigar by nature and flavour. Not for the first timer or faint hearted. My order has just arrived from Cigar Terminal and these guys know how to look after their customer. Light spices on the lip and a soft easy draw to start off. Flavours begin to develop to a cruisey smoke for the first third. This bad boy comes into its own in the second third. Flavours are well developed and you are in smoking heaven. The last third shows richness of character yet holding bolder flavours and maintaining quality of smoke. Easy on the stub as this baby carries some punch to the lip. Highly rated. One is plenty yet not enough. Suggest a Lagavulin 16 yr old single malt as a cracking accompaniment to this gem. Enjoy
A Wonderful Cigar... , 2/11/2012 By BILL

This formidable cigar is beautiful to look at. The clean lines and companion label entice you. The pre-light aroma is subtle yet distinct.

I have enjoyed many of this format over the past several years and it remains remarkably consistent. On first light, I am welcomed by a warm cocoa taste which generally remains throughout the entire length of the cigar.

This cigar is not a powerhouse but if you pay attention and enjoy since there are many subtle nuances to this cigar. Don't rush this cigar.

Always a favorite of mine. Its a great way to spend 90 minutes to 2 hours...
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