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The Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco is a massive and smooth Habano, of Robusto Extra shape, 56 by 5.5” (140mm) long and comes boxes of 10 cigars.

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco Cigar

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Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco - 10 cigars [5.5” x 56]

Newest addition in the Le Hoyo Series line-up, it is a massive but short cigar which can deliver its full potential under an hour.

  • • Mild to Medium cigar with a very rich yet smooth flavor profile: cedar, earth, leather, plants
  • • Complex smoke with a great potential for aging and which will satisfy aficionados of the Epicure No.2

Originally only available at La Casa Del Habano stores, you do not want to miss them!


The Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco comes in 10 count slide top boxes with Habanos packing code SLB-VW-C/L-5-n-10


Length: 140 mm (5.5 inches)

Ring Gauge: 56


Robusto Extra


This new cigar from Hoyo de Monterrey follows the trend of short cigars with a bigger ring gauge, it is indeed the biggest from the Le Hoyo Series (bigger and shorter than the Hoyo de San Juan). This vitola, called a Aromosos, like the other cigars of Robusto Extras format allow the cigars to express all their flavors and complexity, while delivering a smooth smoking experience. As expected, the Le Hoyo de Rio Seco has a special made band, which is very elegant.

The cigar looks very well constructed, the seams are almost invisible, the triple cap is well applied. It is not veinless, but only very small veins are apparent on the wrapper, which has a beautiful chocolate brown color. The wrapper is fairly rustic, not very smooth but there is a nice sheen of oil on the wrapper, so overall a very nice appearance. The foot is very well packed, and there are no soft spots at all on the cigar.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

There are some earthy flavors off the wrapper and some vegetal tang from the cold draw.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is open and very nice. It takes a little bit of effort to light up this massive cigar, but once lit there is no combustion issues. The cigar emits a nice gray smoke with some bluish tones.

Initial third:

The Le Hoyo de Rio Seco starts beautifully with some smooth and creamy feeling. The main flavors are woody, but a dark wood, mahogany like, with some damp cedar notes. Lots of earthy flavors as well at the start while it fades away leaving space for some nice roasted nuts flavors as well as some leather. Being a young cigar, rolled with crops from 2018, there is as expected some herbal aspect to it, especially on the finish. The most notable flavors are some cilantro, parsley leaves or dried thyme. But it is not pungent whatsoever, it is overall very rounded and smooth. 2018 harvest in Cuba is actually one of the best in many years, so we can expect great cigars all around the Habanos brands and especially on this new release. The cigars is not too powerful, maybe not at light level, but well under a medium. There is no harshness or bitterness whatsoever. The burn is slightly wavy but doesn’t affect the smoking experience. The draw remains amazing.

Middle third:

The middle section of the cigar is a nice evolution from the first one, the cedar and the earth are coming to the fore intermittently. It is still very well balanced overall, very rich but mellow at the same time. We get the usual Hoyo de Monterrey flavors, the one from the famous Epicure No.2, but amped up. Flavor wise it is at a full level, while the body is at a mild to medium point. Some sweet spices also join the fray and the cigar is simply great up to now. No complains can be made about it, it is still very mellow without any sudden jump in strength. The draw is still great and smooth. The smoke is getting thicker in mouth. The ash is holding on very well, in a white/greyish color. Once we ash it, it reveals a perfect dome at the foot, the cigar is now smoking very evenly.

Final third:

The intensity of flavors ramps up in the last third, the roasted nuts flavors are coming back. The herbaceous notes are also more noticeable than in the middle section, with cilantro and parsley mainly. Some fruity notes also come to the foreground, almost like a raw coffee berry. The flavors work very well together and get blended beautifully in the thick and creamy smoke. Despite being still a young cigar, it should only get better one or two years down the line. The construction remains perfect, with an ash holding on still the end of the first third. Great until the end.

In summary, if we were to compare cigars and wine, one could say that the Le Hoyo de Rio Seco is like a Burgundy wine to the Habanos cigars: a great intensity and very elegant at the same time.

Smoking time:   45 minutes – 60 minutes

Additional Information

Brand Hoyo de Monterrey
Box of 10
Length 140 mm (5.5 inches)
Ring Gauge 56
Shape Robusto Extra
Strength Medium
Packing Code SLB-VW-C/L-5-n-10


The BEST Hoyo! , 2/15/2021
Very impressed by this large ring gauge cigar. Beautifully constructed, flawless burn and great flavors. Creamy oak and leather with a backdrop of baking spices and soft white pepper. Pleasant tobacco finish. In my book, this was much better than other cigars more highly rated 2019 by Cigar Aficionado. Aged close to a year before smoking this first one.
Another hit by Hoyo , 9/13/2020
By Joseph
love this Cuban. Excellent taste, great construction , nice ring gauge to length ratio. Probably my favorite Hoyo. Have bought 3 boxes Haven't really had any problems with any of them. Can't wait till until more come in. Like to keep a box on hand.
Another fine Hoyo , 5/12/2020
If you want something that will last longer then the Epicure 2 -this is the smoke for you. Well built, a smooth cigar that has excellent flavor.
Great cigar , 3/4/2020
By Jeffrey
A must try for Hoyo lovers. Good construction and outstanding flavor. Totally consistent with the brand but my favorite for size and flavor.
Flawless Smoke , 7/8/2019
By Maximus
Another well done job by CT! Bought 10 on their recommendation. Arrived in flawless condition upon inspection before shipping. Will let them rest for two weeks before I light one.
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