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The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a complex and powerful medium-full Torpedo, 6.3” (160mm) long, of 54 ring gauge, and comes in a cabinet of 10 cigars. It is one of the newest vitolas in the most exclusive line of the most prestigious Habanos brand which was released in 2012 as regular production. Habanos lovingly refers to this new Cohiba Torpedo as the "Grand Lord". As in the Cohiba Behike, the exceptional 'medio tiempo' tobacco leave is used in the blend of the cigar, which makes this Habano so special with a unique flavor and strong character. This cigar is so complex that it keeps on giving, and won’t let you go before you are satiated and slightly dizzy. This feeling goes on well long after you are done smoking.

Cohiba Piramides Extra

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Cohiba Piramides Extra - 10 cigars [6.3" x 54]

The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a commanding cigar.

  • • Has a new band with 3 holograms to deter counterfeiting.
  • • Nice complexity throughout the cigar.

It joins as the seventh in the line-up of the Linea Classica: Exquisitos, Esplendidos, Lanceros, Panetelas, Coronas Especiales, Robustos and Piramides Extra.


The Cohiba Piramides Extra comes in a varnished boite nature box of 10 cigars with Habanos Packing Code


Length: 160 mm

Diameter: 21.43 mm

Ring gauge: 54

Shape: Piramide Extra


This is a very well-constructed cigar. No soft or hard spots. The wrapper has a dark brown sheen to it, like brown shoe polish. The foot is snugly bunched.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Aromas of coffee, cocoa, leather and some light honey.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is a bit firm, the burn is even as can be.

Initial third:

You taste the Cohiba grassiness along with some cream and leather. Mixed in is a hint of licorice and that Cuban twang. Subtle and refined.

Middle third:

The draw loosens up. Still grassy with some more cream. The Cuban twang still stays dominant. Now you get some chocolate as well.

Final third:

Cream and chocolate now dominate the profile with still the grassiness and leather and earth.

In summary, the flavors get bolder as the cigar progresses but still smooth and never hot or harsh.

Smoking time:

90 - 120 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Cohiba
Box of 10
Length 6.3 inches (160mm)
Ring Gauge 54
Shape Piramide/Torpedo
Strength Medium - Full
Packing Code SBN-UW-n-10-n-10


Highly Recommend , 11/4/2020
By Steve
Wow what a great smoke. Bought it last year and smoked one after letting them settle for 2 weeks and it was excellent. My 2nd smoke was 9 months sitting in the humidor and it just got better. Flavor was similar through the entire smoke. Will order another box once they are back in stock.
Great cigar but on the mild side , 7/6/2018
By Robert
I received my box in short order from Cigar Terminal--less than a week after ordering. Box date was 6-7 months prior. I smoked the first one within a day or two of receipt, and the second one a few weeks later. The time in my humidor made no difference--both cigars smoked identically.

This cigar will probably only be a hit for people with more sensitive palates, as the cigar lacks body. You do get a strong hint of the famous Cohiba hay flavors, but the large ring gauge dilutes a good bit of the taste. As noted perfectly by another reviewer, 10 for aroma, 9 for burn/construction, but only 4-5 for strength (or what I would call body).

Certainly a great cigar for people that prefer a milder smoke or people newer to the pastime.

I think the Esplendido is head and shoulders above this one and I note that it's also cheaper on a per cigar basis. But I'm a flavor guy and your mileage may vary.

I hate to keep recommending the Esplendido because they are so hard to find LOL. But it's the truth as I see it.

You can't go wrong with these Pyramides...but they are better smoked after lunch than after dinner.

The cigar tastes the same throughout the smoke...if you like the first free puffs, then you will love this cigar right down to the nubs
A great cigar , 6/27/2016
By Gary
Got these in earlier in June, 2016. Smoked the first one two weeks later after giving it a chance to settle in. Even burn with no need to ever relight. Smooth Carmel and Vanilla flavors in the beginning with a peppery finish that got strong towards the end. Great cigar!
Great cigar , 6/28/2015
By Cuban fat only
One of the best cigars ever made.
Smooth cream, vanilla,.coccoa, liquor aromas.
Aroma 10/10
BURN 9/10
A lovely, complex stogie , 9/5/2014
By Serap
I loved this stogie.

It had flavors reminiscent of Siglo VI and Behike 54 - quite soothing with lovely spice character. There is not an inch of roughness in this cigar.

I dry-boxed the smoke for 3 days prior to the tasting and it performed marvelously.

A great addition to any humidor!
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