Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Humidor - 20 cigars

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Quick Overview

The Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 is a massive Habanos, a 5.9” (150mm) by 58, released for Cohiba’s 50th anniversary and comes in a humidor of 20 cigars. Presented in 2016 to commemorate the legendary brand’s 50th year since its creation, the humidor is a work of art, only 1966 pieces have been made by Habanos. It is a sleek black humidor very elegant and reminiscent of the vintage simple humidors used at the time the brand was launched. It has a macassar ebony dark wood finish on the front and it is black lacquered on the top and bottom sides.

The cigar itself is a totally new vitola, never used before by Habanos, which is called the Majestuoso and will surely appeal to aficionados of modern cigars, which tend to prefer medium-full cigars, with larger ring gauge and about 6 inches long. The Majestuoso is a master-piece of a cigar, perfectly hand rolled with an amazing blend of tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo region (D.O.P.). The cigar is very rich and complex, powerful but still allowing beautiful flavors to get through: the most noticeable flavors are cedar, cream, leather, coffee, chocolate and a fair amount of spices.

It is important to note that it is different from the Cohiba Seleccion 50 Aniversario Travel Humidor, which includes 8 of the most popular Cohiba vitolas of all time:
• 2 x Piramides Extra, from the Classic series
• 2 x Siglo VI, from the 1492 series
• 2 x Genios, from the Maduro 5 series
• 2 x Behike 56, from the Behike series

Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - Closed Humidor

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Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Humidor - 20 cigars [5.9” x 58]

Commemorative release to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic brand

  • • Medium-full bodied, very rich and complex smoke: cedar, cream, leather, chocolate, coffee are among the main flavors
  • • Massive cigar of perfect construction providing an incredible experience

Treat yourself with one of the most exclusive Habanos and keep the humidor as a memorabilia of the legendary Cuban brand


The Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 comes in a numbered black lacquered humidor of 20 cigars, only 1,966 pieces have been manufactured


Length: 150 mm (5.9 inches)

Ring Gauge: 58


Robusto Extra


The Cohiba Majestuosos comes in a stunning humidor, protected by a leather pouch, with a very unique and exclusive design. It is slightly curved on top and it is fairly small as it houses only 20 cigars. The top of the humidor is adorned with the specially designed Cohiba 50 Aniversario logo in gold, whereas the rest of the humidor has an incredible black lacquer cover. On the front, the humidor opens with a golden key while the lock is hosted in a very elegant lacquered macassar ebony dark wood. There is no doubt that the humidor in itself would be the masterpiece on the collector’s desk as only 1,966 units were manufactured. Once opened, it reveals 20 impeccable Majestuosos. A golden badge on the inside attests the exclusivity of the humidor, as it shows the unique number of the very humidor in this commemorative edition. It is a complete humidor including a thermometer and a hygrometer, which can be used for other cigars once these 20 beauties are gone. The vitola is a Majestuoso 1966, of Robusto Extra shape, and is unique in the whole Habanos production line. The cigar is 5.9 inches long (150 mm) and has a ring gauge of 58, which makes it a fairly large cigar but surprisingly light in hand. The wrapper is Colorado Claro, i.e. lighter than many of the Edición Limitadas from Cohiba, of beautiful caramel/milk chocolate color. In addition to the regular Cohiba band, there is a special black and gold Cohiba 50th Anniversary secondary band. The construction looks spot-on, the wrapper is slightly veiny but feels as smooth as velvet, it looks very well packed from the head to the foot and there are no soft spots.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

From the cold foot, we can get some cedar, with faint chocolate and as well some sweet aromas, akin to a sweet tropical cocktail with some mango, pineapple and pear. Whereas off the wrapper, there are aromas of barnyard, leather and some sweet milk-chocolate. The cold draw brings lots of sweet flavors on the palate, some stone fruit, raisins and even some liqueur like sweetness. It is very promising.

Burn/ Draw

After a clean cut, the Majestuoso has a draw with just the right amount of resistance. The foot gets alight effortlessly and the first few puffs are quite powerful and the most noticeable flavors are cedar and nuts.

Initial third:

The Majestuoso soon settles and offers plenty of creamy flavors, with mainly wood, leather and some roasted notes of nuts (salted cashew) and graham cracker. It is overall very sweet and creamy. Through the nose there are also plenty of floral aromas, some cedar and also notes of citrus. As the cigar progresses, The citrus can also be found on the palate, with the addition of some fresh coffee beans. Some spicy notes can also be noticed coming in and out with some paprika. The body is above the medium mark, probably medium to full, whereas the flavor is medium to full. Construction-wise, the cigar is perfect up to now, the draw is spot-on and the cigar is burning slowly with a perfect burn line. Each puff creates huge billows of thick and creamy smoke.

Middle third:

In the second third, the strength of the Cohiba Majestuoso mellowed down towards the medium mark, whereas the flavor increased to reach the full mark. The coffee beans now stand out and become much more like an espresso mixed with some beautiful nuttiness. The floral notes have receded to the background and left space for some bread, leather and more herbal flavors. The Majestuoso tastes like a true Cohiba at this point, one of the best Cohiba ever. The flavors are powerful but not overwhelming and the delicious finish helps balance all the flavors. Lots of cedar and cashews on the retrohale, with some citrus notes as well; while there is plenty of dark espresso and nutmeg on the tongue. The construction is still amazing and the draw remains perfect as well.

Final third:

In the final third, Cohiba Majestuoso remains very smooth and velvety on the palate. The flavors shift towards more earthy and grainy flavors. The sweetness from the first half of the cigar has disappeared completely at this point whereas the paprika note has made a welcomed return. The flavors are very well balanced and work in perfect harmony to provide such an excellent smoking experience. The finish is long in the palate, with notes of citrus, nuttiness as well as subtle spices. Towards the very end of the cigar, the Majestuoso gets stronger and richer, with now deep espresso notes and earthy tones. It is still very creamy and velvety, so it is not as overpowering as a Partagas Serie P No.2. The construction of the Cohiba Majestuoso remains impeccable until the end, the draw is still fantastic, the burn line might be wavy at times, but nothing to worry about and the ash is holding on solidly. It is a delight to smoke it down to the nub; only when it gets a bit too hot and powerful do we have to let it in the ashtray.

The Cohiba Majestuoso is simply as good as it is rare. It is one of the best Cohiba and Habano, period. Make sure to try one of these gems once in your lifetime.

Smoking time:

1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours

Additional Information

Brand Cohiba
Box of 20
Length 5.9 inches (150 mm)
Ring Gauge 58
Shape Robusto Extra
Strength Medium - Full
Packing Code SPB-S-n-n-n-20

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