Trinidad Robusto Extra - 12 cigars

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The Trinidad Robusto Extra is a refined and complex light-medium bodied Dobles, 6.1” (155mm) long, of 50 ring gauge, and comes in a 12 cigars box. Due to its short format and its smaller ring gauge, the Trinidad Reyes might feel harsher than other Trinidad vitolas, but it is definitely from the same brand as the flavors are typical Trinidad. A 2004 release.

Trinidad Robustos Extra - 12 cigars

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Trinidad Robusto Extra - 12 cigars [6.1" x 50]

The biggest cigar of the 3 new Trinidad format. This is considered as a star cigar. Much like the Fundadores, they impress with their elegance and finesse rather than pure power. This is a cigar for someone looking for flavor and complexity. A Masterpiece Cuban cigar made to reveal the superiority of the Trinidad brand.


Semi Boite Nature Box of 12 cigars.


Length: 155 mm
Diameter: 19.84 mm
Ring gauge: 50

Before lighting up

Deep and round smoke releasing all what a good "tabaco" can provide. At last a spicy Trinidad!



Smoking time:

1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes

Additional Information

Brand Trinidad
Box of 12
Length 6.1 inches (155mm)
Ring Gauge 50
Shape Robusto Extra
Strength Light - Medium
Packing Code SBN-VW-n-6-n-12


Trinidad Robusto Extra - 2010 , 7/24/2014
By Serap
I have had the pleasure of smoking fine cigars since my first cigar in 1994. Similarly, I have had the pleasure of smoking aged cigars aged since the mid 70's (a Montecristo No.2, by the way) during the wedding reception of a close relative, which was an absolute bliss!

But I have NEVER had such wonderfully hand-crafted masterpiece as Trinidad Robusto Extra in my life. This stogie, with its super presence, is truly the finest of the finest smokes one can be fortunate to lay their hands on.

It's with complete sadness I have to report that this cigar along with its smaller cousin Trinidad Robusto T have been discontinued by Habanos since the firm intends to focus on their high-end Cohiba brand more. What a thoroughly erroneous decision on their part!

Well, let's get on with the review.

1st third:

The cigar opens up with absolutely divine floral & cedar notes. The body is mild to medium and the finish is long and super smooth with absolutely no rough edges!!

2nd third:

Now, the stogie has kicked its strength up a notch and it stands at a solid medium with flavors of cocoa, cedar, black tea in the foreground and light floral notes way back in the background. I am amazed by how many complex flavors can be discerned during this third.

Final third:

This is where the cigar outshines all and every stogie in the market with the flavor BOMB of nutmeg, caramel, latte, leather and a number of other flavors I could not put my hands on. The evolution has been absolutely mind-numbing!! A MEMORABLE SMOKE IN ALL AND EVERY ASPECT!!!

I have three Robusto Extras left and have planned to have one a year on my 3 successive birthdays. I have tried to get my hands on a box but alas I haven't been fortunate enough thus far....
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