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The Romeo y Julieta Club Kings is a medium Petit Corona cigar of 42 ring gauge, part of the Habanos Línea Retro series announced in 2017. Initially planned in 2011, it was finally released in 2018 after years of waiting. The original Club King from Romeo y Julieta was discontinued in the 1980s to the dismay of many aficionados. The Partagás Capitols are the other cigars part of the Habanos Línea Retro.

Romeo y Julieta Club Kings - cigar

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Romeo y Julieta Club Kings - 50 cigars [5.08” x 42]

A medium bodied cigar

  • • Typical Cuban flavors packed in a 40 minutes smoke
  • • The tin can has a flip-top that opens up when the Romeo y Julieta logo is pressed, reminiscent of pocket cigar holders of the 1970s

Long awaited and finally available, get one box while you still can


The Romeo y Julieta Club Kings comes in 10 tin cans of 5 cigars


Length: 129 mm (5.08 inches)

Ring Gauge: 42


Petit Corona


As it is part of the newly released Línea Retro, the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings, like the Partagas Capitols, come in a retro style aluminium tins of 5 cigars which were very popular in the 1970’s. Easy to carry around, they are now highly sought after by collectors. The tins have been specifically designed for Habanos SA and open up when the central logo is pressed, a very classy feature.

The Romeo y Julieta Club King cigar itself is a beautiful little cigar, 5” long (129 mm) by 42 ring gauge. The wrapper is of good quality but not silky smooth, it has a rustic touch. It is of medium brown color and the cigar seems pretty well packed, no soft spots at all.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The wrapper gives off aromas of hay, straw and barnyard. There are also a fair amount of spices. Off the foot, some flavors of dry fruits, cacao and coffee while on the cold draw, we get some leather, earth.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is great from the get go. The cigar takes light very easily and the first flavors to hit the palate are earth and leather which were already present at cold, and a good amount of floral notes. There is no bitterness at all, just a few notes of acidity. It tastes like a true Romeo y Julieta, it is mild to medium in strength while there are plenty of floral flavors.

Initial third:

In the first third, the Romeo y Julieta Club King main flavors are floral, nuts (macadamia) and spices: pepper, cinnamon, while there is cream on the finish. It is very enjoyable. The burn is great and doesn’t require any attention. The ash is beautiful and is about to fall at the end of the first third, so we ash it and it reveals a perfect cone at the foot. The flavors work very well altogether, there is a subtle bitterness while almost no more acidity. The strength is at medium.

Middle third:

In the second third, the Romeo y Julieta Club King continues on beautifully and gets even richer. There is now more fruitiness (dry fruits), and some hints of dark semi-sweet chocolate and roasted coffee. There are also some notes of toasted wood. The flavors from the first third are still present, the floral notes are prominent, while the spices are still very noticeable: pepper, cinnamon and cloves. It is overall very easy on the palate, the strength is still at the medium mark. The flavors are very well balanced between the sweetness, the acidity and the bitterness, making the whole smoking experience very enjoyable. Great complexity and perfect burn (no need to correct or relight the cigar).

Final third:

In the final third, it all comes together. The spices come to the forefront and marry beautifully with the coffee flavors while the nuttiness makes a strong comeback at the end of the cigar. The Romeo y Julieta Club King is still very well balanced and the strength is still hovering around the medium mark. The burn is very good until the end and the cigar creates lots of smoke all along.

In summary, the Romeo y Julieta Club King is a very well balanced smoke, with no sharp edges, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, be it in the morning paired with a coffee, or in the afternoon or evening paired with liquor.

Smoking time:

40 minutes – 1 hour

Additional Information

Brand Romeo y Julieta
Box of 50
Length 129mm (5.08 in)
Ring Gauge 42
Shape Petit Corona
Strength Medium
Packing Code CB-UW-A/P-5-n-50

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