Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales - 25 cigars

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Wow I'm very impressed by these cigars!!! , 12/5/2019 By BasicTek

I've been trying out different cuban cigars and so far this was the strongest I've tried. I've noticed quite an improvement after letting them sit in my coolidor for a couple weeks so I'd recommend doing that if you get them. For the price of just over $4 a stick these are a remarkable value (already ordered 2 more boxes after trying my 1st) They start off as a good flavored medium build and get stronger each third until then end. Easily providing an hour long smoke (at medium pace). Very rich flavors and that unique Cuban spice is noticeable from beginning to end. Currently one my top/favorite cigars ever. and Something I plan on always keeping in stock. At this price it could be a daily smoke but it's easier top appreciate having it just 2-3 times a week.
Lots of burn issues, but the reward is worth the work. , 8/18/2019 By Mickey

Appearance: Golden rugged looking wrapper with plenty of visible seams......not the best looking Party I've seen, but looks aren't everything right?

Aroma: On the body I get a heavy manure/barnyard aroma. On the foot I am greeted with leaves and manure is faint in the background, along with some honey.


Right out the gate I'm met with sweet tobacco and a honey or syrupy element on my lips.....Molasses maybe? Not sure. It's not wanting to stay lit, really struggling with it. I am getting quite a bit of sweetness out of it though, this is surprising me how sweet it is. This cigar is burning awful as well....what a disappointment. I'm having to take about 6 puffs (I counted) then I am met with a nice reward, but DAMN man.


Starting off much better, maybe there a block of wood in the 1/3? LOL Anyway continuing with that same sweetness, getting plenty of smoke, the burn (as you can see in the pics) is not pretty to look at. I am getting a sweetened coffee flavor on the finish, which is quite long and lingers.


Starting with a real brunt wood flavor (probably from so many relights). Now I'm getting a type of wintergreen flavor on my palate....interesting. Ok so I did nub it.

Draw: Was nice and open, no complaints there.
Burn: Awful! So many touchups I lost count.
Construction: Again awful, burned like crap......ash was very flaky and uneven, but it wasn't soft or spongy and just a little hard in the 1/3 where the "chunk of wood" was lol.
Overall Strength: Mild-Medium
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium
Experience Overall: So even though the cigar was a struggle to smoke I really did enjoy the flavors I was getting which was honey, sweet tobacco, a bit of vanilla and some wintergreen. I still have plenty of these to smoke, so this little guy isn't making me want to chuck the boxes or anything. Just one bad apple ya know? I will still be smoking these. Have to work for that reward I guess.

Smoking Time: 90 mins
Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales , 1/14/2019 By Daniel

I found this cigar enjoyable having a drink with it. Giving me a lift.
Makes my day with friends. Good leathery earthy flavor with spices.
Highly recommend it.
Buy One Today , 8/10/2018 By Maximus

My second box inside of a month. Think I like them? I like them almost as much as Cigar Terminal. Excellent job on their part-inspection and super fast shipping. The cigar? A “gotta have” for the humidor when friends and family are on hand.
All I can say is “wow!” , 7/13/2018 By Maximus

Let me start off with, Cigar Terminal is unsurpassed. The customer service, the supremely fast shipping is second to none. That said, they were delivered within a week! CT looked them over, at my request, and I must say, I am beyond thrilled. I took one out and put the rest away. The smell, the draw the flavors, exquisite. I will let the rest stay a while in my humidor as they will only get better. Highly recommend getting a box. Pass them out to your friends and they will be amazed.
Great , 12/30/2016 By Tony

Med-Full lot of flavor. Great compliment to my morning espresso. This is my 2nd box will definitely be ordering them again!
Fine cigar , 12/22/2016 By Marko

Strong and tasty. It burned well; easy draw and a lot of smoke
Exceptional value , 12/2/2016 By Kevin

This was a full flavored cigar, and despite its modest size, it smokes like a larger format cigar. It burned even for about 50 minutes with a strong flavor, but not at bitter. The value is exceptional and it is a cigar I would recommend to anyone. I just ordered two more boxes.
Wow , 10/18/2016 By Tony

Packs a lot of flavor in a small package.
Great cigar to just kick back and relax.
A cup of espresso to go along you're all set
AAA+ , 6/10/2016 By Cody

WOW! What an incredible cigar. Not sure if i would say this is the strongest cigar I have had, but it sure is close. Cuban flavor turned all the way up, spicy, woody, nutty, oily. My mouth was tingling after first draw. Bold cigar smokers this box is a must.
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