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Great feel , 9/20/2015 By Frank

This cigar feels great in your hand, full of tobacco flavor, good draw albeit a very tight construction
A REAL BOMBSHELL! , 5/1/2012 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

The ultra-exclusive Trinidad brand was originally created as a diplomatic rarity to be handed out only by Fidel Castro to special Cuban guests. It was touted as the greatest cigar to having ever been made in Cuba, surpassing even the highly-lauded Cohiba brand.

I recall reading about this special cigar being made in Cuba, and never leaving Cuba except under the careful scrutiny of visiting dignitaries returning home. Pictures of these special guests receiving a box of Trinidad passing from the hands of Fidel Castro to the delighted recipient whet my appetite even more!

So to be able to order a box of Trinidad now at Cigar Terminal, receive the cigars a week later, still fresh as ever, sealed in heavy-gauge plastic and just drop-dead gorgeous as you pry open the box and take your first glimpse of this once highly-guarded cigar and all now within reach and extreme affordability.

This is truly a gentleman’s cigar, with all the pomp and circumstance that goes with it. From the delicious looking wrapper encasing each profoundly-perfectly rolled cigar, to the luscious looking rat-tail on the head, this is the Mona Lisa of cigars!

Speaking in terms of a highly revered sports car, after reviewing all the bells and whistles, polish and splendor, what question always comes last? This question and none other answer will always follow: SO, WHAT CAN SHE DO? The ultimate question points to the most important function always!

The Trinidad Fundadore (or any of the Trinidad line for that matter) can take you on a 220 MPH spin and drop you off on a dime! Not to mention all the challenges with natural vs. unnatural experiences!

The feel of this cigar says a great deal by itself; solid heft, slightly shiny and pliable wrapper. No feel of the binder popping through with bulging, protruding veins that occurs so often, even with the most famous and expensive of brands. The burn, draw, ash color and firmness, along with the cool temp of the tobacco touching your mouth, fall in the league of how great legends are created.

This cigar will impress you and your friends without fail. The bouquet is grandiose and thrilling, the taste is extraordinaire, and even saddening when the end of this smoke is noticeably near. So sad…
2 Item(s)
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