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Love these big boys , 4/19/2021 By Victor

Take your time with these big cigars. The key is to get a nice burn on the tip and slowly work on your draw. Be patient and the aromas and Cuaba fragrance will come out. They are hard to find so I usually stock them up whenever stock is available.
Big and Beautiful , 1/28/2016 By Anthony

This is one of the most stunning cigars I've ever seen. What a beauty? Almost didn't want to burn it because it looked so good. Glad I did. It was a wonderful smoke that lasted a little over 2 hours. If you haven't tried this before, please do yourself a favor.
Beautiful and tasty , 6/6/2015 By El Fumador

The Salomones are a beautiful cigar to hold and experience. Besides the unusual shape and nice smell they have a gorgeous reddish wrapper and usually burn fine. Tastes of leather and some hint of nuts for a smoke that is comfortable and enjoyable.
Long and tasty... , 3/14/2012 By SmokingCCs

Great example of a Cuaba...

Mixed flavors of a Robaina and a Monte 2. Woody with some earthy and coffee tones. Most of the cigars were immaculate. Beautiful stick and a good 2 hours of smoke.

5 stars !!!
A Celebrity Cigar , 11/13/2011 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

Upon opening the box, you are quickly greeted with a stunning presentation of ten of the most beautiful cigars you could ever imagine seeing,

Appearing as if they were handcrafted from solid hardwood that was stained and shellacked in a gleaming cherry finish, the magnificent shape of these cigars is mind-boggling. They are literally perfect in every way to the naked eye.

Once in your hand, the solidly-packed cigar does not have the heft you would have imagined, but after lighting, that quickly becomes a non-issue. A mouthful of lush smoke is the first sign that this is going to be a wild ride. The earthy flavor of a true Cuban cigar is captured as you begin to assimilate the mixed bouquet of scents that emanate from the air. This collective aroma will tease your senses and delight your palate.

It burns amazingly cool for such a large cigar, and as even and straight as I have ever seen. Even though this cigar was not as heavy as I thought it would be, it still smoked slow and became even tastier toward the mid-section.

The strength of this cigar is somewhere between medium to full bodied, and for you Montecristo lovers, this is easy to smoke and is a step up in fullness. It never became harsh, nor did it leave any unpleasant aftertaste. Give yourself at least an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half to enjoy.

This was my first Cuaba, and if they are all as good as this one, then I look forward to trying as many as I possibly can in the next few months. Yes, all the hoopla and rave reviews on this cigar are warranted.
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