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The Partagas Lusitanias is a beautiful and powerful Habanos of Double Corona format, 49 ring gauge, 7.6” (194mm) long and comes in a box of 10 cigars. Perhaps the best among the double coronas. Its massive size is noteworthy and appeals to many Cuban aficionados. Its construction is perfect and let you enjoy all its flavors for more than 2 hours.

Partagas Lusitanias - 10 cigars

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Partagas Lusitanias - 10 cigars [7.6" x 49]

The Partagas Lusitanias is a real gem of a double corona.

  • • One of the most appreciated Double Coronas throughout the world.
  • • Giving yourself a Lusitania from Partagas is giving yourself the pleasure of smoking one of the best cigars in the world.

Find an excuse to spare 2 hours to savor its flavor. You'll be glad you did.


The Partagas Lusitanias comes in a dress box of 10 cigars with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 194mm

Diameter: 19.45mm

Ring Gauge: 49

Shape: Double Corona


The Lusitanias is a sight to behold. The wrapper on this Lusitanias looks beautiful. It is on the dark side with hardly a vein, oily, hard to the touch with a slight box press and a perfect cap.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The pre-light draw tells us it will draw well and give a light cedar flavor. Showcasing sweet notes with some cedar hints, and a pleasant deep spiciness.

Burn/ Draw

Even burn throughout and a mouth filling draw with billowing smoke.

Initial third:

The aromas that stand out in the first third are spices and leathery notes. After the first few draws, the cinnamon and ginger flavors are joined by coffee and cacao notes. The cigar is very well balanced in terms of flavors. All the spicy flavors are in full blown by the end of the first third.

Middle third:

The second third continues on the same path, with the addition of moist soil aromas that reveals the richness of the cigar. Many flavors start appearing, bitterness from coffee aromas, spice from cinnamon, sweetness from caramel. The burn is still perfect and the draw remains amazing as well.

Final third:

The final third is once again incredibly rich. The mixture of spices and bitterness is still incredibly there, with notes of Asian spices and bitter chocolate. Herbal touches also start appearing towards the end, and all that makes a cigar that is hard to put down. This gem delivers it until the nub.

In summary, many aficionados claim this is the best cigar in the world, right up there with the Hoyo De Monterrey double corona.

Smoking time:

120 - 180 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Partagas
Box of 10
Length 7.6 inches (194mm)
Ring Gauge 49
Factory Shape Double Corona/Prominente
Strength Full
Packing Code CB-UW-n-10-n-10


A Work of Art , 3/9/2016
By Nate
This was one of the first Cubans I’ve smoked and it made me fall in love. I’d smoke one every day if I could. They are beautiful cigars! Highly recommended over all. Never had a bad one burns perfect every time every puff tastes amazing and is very complex. Nuts, coco, cedar, leathery and that earthy “barnyard” flavor (very pleasant). I’ve smoked these of all ages too they are never bad but of course improve with age. The 12 year old one I had was total perfection.
Brilliant , 3/2/2016
By David
The best DC hands down. Leather, earth, roasted peanuts, and chocolate are dominant. Velvety smoke. This cigar never disappoints. Dark and oily wrapper. One of my favorite Havanas, a stand out in the Partagas portfolio.
Classic Smoke , 8/31/2015
By James
I had this cigar several years ago and really enjoyed it then, so bought 2 boxes of 10 from this site.
One of the boxes had some cigars with the wrappers slightly damaged, and to their credit, CT had me ship them the box and shipped me a replacement. The second box had flawless cigars, and after waiting 3 weeks, I lit one up.
First, the construction was amazing. Long cigars are often plugged or have issues with smoking, in my experience, and although this one had to be touched up a couple of times, it smoked wonderfully.
The first third was very nice, full clouds of smoke, hints of spice with some nuts and a little coca, followed by a second third that was more full bodied and hints of caramel, and the last third was more of the same, a little more body, and thick smoke. I chose this cigar for it's length of smoking and full flavor and was not disappointed.
Sublime Experience , 4/28/2015
By Sean
The Lusitanias that I had was a year old. It started out medium bodied and finished medium full. Throughout the cigar the smoke maintained its luxurious creaminess with an oily finish. Flavors drifted from chocolate, to caramal, to nuts, to creamy peanut butter with a hint of spice throughout. After an hour and 30 minutes the strength came up and was powerful for the last 15 minutes.

I need to buy more.
A lovely cigar - full of pleasure and flavour - make sure you have time to savour! , 1/24/2015
By Winnie
This was my first Lusitania and I took it upon myself to order based on some considerable research.

My second Partagas cigar. It delivered mouthfulls of thick smoke. The first 1/8 was very mild indeed, but it stepped up to the mark at the first 1/3 with the mix of Cuban richness, espresso, dark chocolate, and some dark cherry after notes. It was a pleasure to smoke, right past the band after which a little bitterness developed.

I ordered a box of ten, and will certainly put down an order for 25 or 50 and lay them to rest for a while. In my opinion, not a good cigar but a great cigar. You must however make sure you have the 90 minutes minimum to sit back and relax without interuption.
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