Partagas Aristocrats - 25 cigars

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The Partagas Aristocrats is a rich, powerful and a great value cigar, of Petit Cetro format, 40 ring gauge, 5.1” (129mm) long and comes in a box of 25 cigars. Being a full bodied cigar, it is better to smoke this beauty after a meal and with a drink. The construction on this Habano is amazing, it requires no attention, it is just waiting for you to enjoy.

Partagas Aristocrats - 25 cigars

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Partagas Aristocrats - 25 cigars [5.1" x 40]

The Partagas Aristocrats is a very good option for a strong cigar and when the time is of the essence. Goes perfectly along with liquor or after a nice meal.

  • • Complex cigar, with creamy coffee flavors, notes of wood and of cocoa in addition to the dominant tobacco flavor.
  • • Ages very well. 5 years on, the cigar becomes even more complex and creamier.

This cigar simply delivers the Partagas experience at a lesser cost.


Partagas Aristocrats comes in a dress box of 25 cigars with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 129 mm

Diameter: 15.87 mm

Ring gauge: 40

Shape: Petit Cetro


The Partagas Aristocrats is fully hand-made, and this gives it a rustic kind of look. Nevertheless, the construction is very nice, the cigar is quite firm and tight, and it is also box pressed. The wrapper has a nice dark maduro color.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

At cold, the Partagas Aristocrats smells of hay and of citrus. The cold draw releases a subtle woody flavor, mixed with a nice earthy flavor. One can also notice a note of cheese.

Burn/ Draw

The Partagas Aristocrats cuts very easily and after it, the draw can be a bit tight, but it opens up in the first third. The burn line is a bit uneven, but that doesn’t affect the quality of the smoke. The amount of smoke generated from this stogie is rather normal but the ashes hold firm, without any flakes.

Initial third:

Once lit, the Partagas Aristocrats greets you with a familiar tobacco taste that is typical of Partagas, however, it is very soft, very mellow with also some nutty notes. Alongside, we can also detect some woody flavors, forest-ground like. But what balances the softness of this first third is the mild peppery taste that kicks in in the early third. The spicy notes, of green pepper, continue on and some bitterness from coffee also arises. As secondary smoking flavors, we can notice some cheese-like hints and some cocoa.

Middle third:

In the second third, the Partagas Aristocrats becomes creamier. The cigar goes on with the same smooth flavors of cedar and toasted tobacco. Despite the creaminess of the cigar, it starts to show some character, and it is getting a bit stronger, while not being too aggressive. Subtle touches of bitterness from coffee or salt also appear and reveal the complexity of the cigar. There are also some discreet notes of leather that makes the whole cigar a bit stronger than the first third.

Final third:

In the last third, the Partagas Aristocrats continues on with the same flavor profile of strong toasted tobacco, joined by fresh woody flavors, even some sawed pine. There are once again some tastes of coffee, and a nice zing of pepper. Somehow, the cigar is finishing where it started, with the exception of some pleasing notes of flowers, heather, nuts and of tar.

In summary, the Partagas Aristocrats is a very nice cigar, thanks to its impeccable construction. All this makes the famous Partagas taste available at a lesser cost.

Smoking time:

40 - 60 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Partagas
Box of 25
Length 5.1 inches (129mm)
Ring Gauge 40
Shape Petit Corona
Strength Full
Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Partagas Aristocrats , 1/6/2019
By Daniel
This is a great enjoyable smoke, after a meal with a drink. Let's your mind wonder and relaxes you. Always gives you an excellent smoking experience.
Strong cigar!! , 8/28/2018
By Geo
Draw a little tight at first but then opens nicely..strong Cuban minerally flavours with huge plumes of smoke.This will age beautifully!!
Wow! What a Difference! , 8/12/2018
By Robert
After another month in the humidor, these cigars have really turned the corner! They are smoking wonderfully! I can't believe what a difference another month made....

Bought these a few months ago from Cigar Terminal. Box date was late 2017 (November I think....but maybe September....can't remember off the top of my head). Smoked a few out of the box and a few a month or so ago and felt that they were kind of harsh and not burning well.

Now, one short month later, they are really tasting good. Full of that tobacco sweetness, and not harsh at all--smooth and flavorful.

My girlfriend and I have smoked 4 of these in the last few days and we both absolutely love them. She says she doesn't want to smoke anything else now, and I agree.

I guess sometimes it just takes a few months in the humidor to turn a young smoke into an awesome cigar.

Highly recommended! And tremendous value!

Thank you Cigar Terminal!
Could be better , 7/25/2018
By Robert
I feel like I'm smoking a completely different cigar than the other reviewers. Got mine a few months ago and have smoked a few of them. Can't say there's a lot of flavor here. Strong, yes....flavor, no. Last cigar I smoked did not burn evenly.

I'll let the rest sit and update in a few months of flavor improves.
Perfection! , 1/12/2018
By Joel
This AWESOME CIGAR was part of my second order to Cigar Terminal!! This cigar isn't for the faint of heart, haha. Saying this cigar is FULL BODIED is ALMOST an understatement! I have to call this cigar BOLD from start to finish for sure!!
If anyone is on the fence about buying this cigar, I'd have to say you've got to give it a try! The first quarter to third of the cigar starts out with a medium to almost tight draw. None of that being ANY issue at all. Once you get into the "meat" of the cigar the draw completely opens up! As soon as this cigar lights the flavor is nothing less than incredible! It has such an awesome odor as soon as you light it. The flavor is BOLD pretty much from the get go! If you like a spicy pepper flavor then this cigar will be your new found treasure! Many cigars take a while to get to that spicy pepper flavor and some never attain those flavors. BUT, with this cigar, that awesome spiciness/pepper flavor is immediately discovered!

Once you get to the middle section of this cigar the draw opens up and then the REAL PARTY BEGINS! The flavor in the middle section becomes even more bold releasing even more spicy flavors along with that pepper hit! You'll find all those traditional Cuban odors and flavors with this one especially once you hit the middle of this cigar. You should also be able to taste a hint of leather in the middle section as well.

Now as the excitement of smoking this great cigar comes to an end as you enter the final third of it. You'll hit a VERY BOLD FULL BODIED ending! This cigar should provide ANYONE an extremely bold ending. The spiciness along with the pepper ending proves to be very intense! Like others have stated, make sure you have some food on your stomach. Even if you don't have food on your stomach it shouldn't pose any issues for you. BUT in my opinion, having food on your stomach smoking most Cuban cigars is never a bad idea in the first place. I find with bold spicy cigars like this one, having food on your stomach just makes it a better relaxing experience! I don't think this cigar would be one for a newer cigar smoker. This gem in my opinion should be reserved for a more seasoned cigar smoker. Not saying it would be a bad first cigar for a newer cigar smoker. But I'm thinking this is a cigar that would be better enjoyed working up to because of its bold intense flavor right out of the gate! So many cigars don't even produce intense flavors like this one even when you're towards the end of the cigar. A lot of cigars don't have as much of that bold flavor on finish as this one has at the very beginning. This cigar STARTS bold and ends intensely bold and spicy! And it's very true that these cigars don't need any additional attention. Meaning that after you receive these, one could smoke one after a short resting period from shipping! No extra aging is needed at all!!

I give this cigar a HUGE 5 STAR RATING! I will definitely be purchasing more of these awesome cigars. I try to keep on hand at least 6 different Cuban cigars in my humidors at any given time. Right now I've got 8 different brands of Cuban cigars. With 8 different brands right now it does take a lot of humidors to house them or at least one big tall standup unit, but that's totally fine with me, haha. This cigar is by far my most bold cigars I've got now. I like to keep a range of different cigars. Starting out semi mild and ending bold and intense. So by adding these cigars to my collection, it's rounded out my cigars as a whole. I can't wait to smoke another one of these! I totally recommend these cigars to ALL. I hope this review might tempt you into purchasing a box of these great cigars. I'm positive you won't regret the purchase of these! And as most already know, Cigar Terminal is the REAL DEAL!! Mary and Ken continue to impress me! Please keep up the excellent work you both do day in day out! Take care all.
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