Montecristo Petit Tubos - 15 cigars (packs of 3)

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The Montecristo Petit Tubos is an affordable and tasty Mareva, of 42 ring gauge, 5.1” (129mm) long and comes in box of 15 cigars in aluminum tubes. While sharing the same dimensions as the Montecristo No.4, it remains somewhat different, a little bit more elegant and with its own flavor profile. Its perfect construction and its medium body let the aficionado enjoy the beautiful flavors of earth, coffee, cream, leather, and some herbal freshness. This cigar is a great pick for a quick smoke on the go, or for a first Cuban experience.

 Montecristo Petit Tubos - 15 cigars (packs of 3)

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Montecristo Petit Tubos - 15 cigars (packs of 3) [5.1" x 42]

The Montecristo Petit Tubos is a very good option for a delicious cigar on the go thanks to its elegant and convenient aluminum tube.

  • • While being similar to the Montecristo No.4, it has its own character, lots of earth and leather, coffee and nuts flavors, among others.
  • • Fairly complex cigar with a medium body.

This cigar is simply a great first Montecristo for novice smokers or for lovers of Montecristo brand.


The Montecristo Petit Tubos – 15 cigars comes in 5 cardboard packs of 3 cigars in aluminum tubes with Habanos Packing Code D-C-C/P-3-A/T-15


Length: 129mm (5.1 inches)

Diameter: 16.67mm

Ring gauge: 42

Shape: Petit Corona/Mareva


Despite sharing the same dimensions with the Montecristo No.4, the Petit Tubo, once taken out from its elegant aluminum tube, is looking slightly better than its brother. The roll and the wrapper are of very high standards, the wrapper is oily and has a nice medium brown color and the cigar feels tightly packed from head to foot. There are only a few veins on the wrapper and the triple cap is beautiful. The cigar is really catching the attention, in the good way.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

When the tube is opened, strong flavors of tobacco emerge from the tube, a sign that the tube has been kept shut. The wrapper has some hay/grassy aromas with some barnyard notes.

Burn/ Draw

The Montecristo Petit Tubos cuts effortlessly and doesn’t leave any stray leaf residue. Lighting the cigar is also very easy and the draw is great and consistent throughout. Right away, the classic Montecristo “twang” greets you on the first few draws. The other flavors that come to the palate are predominantly of leather and of coffee, the finish tastes of sweet tobacco. The body of the cigar starts at a medium to full body, and the flavors are pretty powerful. The burn line is slightly wavy at times but is not an issue overall and the cigar smokes slowly and never goes off. Thick billows of smoke emanate from the foot where a beautiful charcoal cone lies.

Initial third:

The first third of the cigar starts off more smoothly than the first draws could have hinted, and the body is now in the medium range. The dominant flavors are of coffee, pepper and a nice mix of leather and earth. There are also some notes of cream, while the cigar shows a bit of roughness from time to time. Overall, it is a very enjoyable first third.

Middle third:

In the middle third, the dominant flavors remain similar to the one tasted in the first, the main difference is a nuttiness that is coming to the forefront. Delicious. And some faint notes of grassiness also emerge during the middle section of the cigar, but they die out approaching the final third. There is a little bit more complexity in terms of flavors while the body settles at a medium strength.

Final third:

In the final third, the spiciness and harshness that was experienced so far recede and let us enjoy all the complexity of flavors. The coffee is great at this point, while the leathery and earthy notes are joined by some fresh herbal flavor, almost like mint. This is a great end of cigar, that you do not want to put down. Alas you have to when your fingers start to burn.

In summary, this is an ideal quick smoke for a Habanos aficionado or for a novice smoker that want to discover the Cuban taste.

Smoking time:

45 - 60 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Montecristo
Box of 15
Length 5.1 inches (129mm)
Ring Gauge 42
Shape Petit Corona
Strength Medium
Packing Code D-C-C/P-3-A/T-15


The lingering love for Monte , 4/16/2015
By Christopher
I'm surprised nobody reviewed this awesome stick! I am quite in love in this stick as it is one of my very first batch of montecristo I have tried.

I can't tell much of the flavour as I'm not too gifted at tasting but I definitely enjoy the smoke out of it!

It comes in the ight size, which comes in the tube and allows for ease of transportation. I can leave it in my bag without worrying that the cigar will be squashed.
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