Montecristo No.3 - 15 cigars (packs of 3)

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The Montecristo No.3 is a rich Habanos that deserves more attention, of Corona format, of 42 ring gauge, 5.6” (142mm) long and comes in a box 15 cigars. It is slightly bigger than the Montecristo No.4 but smaller than the No.1, two very famous cigars. Therefore, it creates a bridge between the two, it has the same ring gauge as the No.4 but slightly longer. It benefits from the usual Montecristo quality and flavor profile, lots of coffee, earthiness and wood. It is a beautiful Corona that can both appeal to experimented smokers and to the beginners.

 Montecristo No.3 - 15 cigars (packs of 3)

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Montecristo No.3 - 15 cigars (packs of 3) [5.6" x 42]

The Montecristo No.3 is a very good option for an afternoon cigar, and both appeal to both novices and experienced smokers.

  • • Very creamy cigar, that offers beautiful earthy and woody flavors, some cocoa in addition to some nutty and sweet notes Rich aromas of earth, wood and leather. Notes of dried fruits and sweetness.
  • • Great potential for ageing. 2-5 years recommended to enjoy an even more complex and creamier smoke.

This cigar is simply too much under rated and deserves more attention.


The Montecristo No.3 comes in 5 cardboard packs of 3 cigars with Habanos Packing D-C-C/P-3-n-15


Length: 142 mm

Diameter: 16.67 mm

Ring gauge: 42

Shape: Corona


The cigar is looking great, the wrapper has a nice light brown color. The construction is superb, the wrapper is virtually veinless, the foot looks pretty well packed and the triple cap is applied perfectly. There are no soft spots on the cigar, it feels firm from the head to the foot.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

There are smells of pepper and cocoa at the foot.

Burn/ Draw

Once the cap cut, the draw is on the tight side, while not unworkable. The cold draw gives again some flavors of cocoa, pepper and of tobacco. Once lit, the first puffs reveal a pretty powerful cigar, right in the medium range, with lots of pepper, lots of earth. The cigar burns very well, surprisingly slowly given its rather small ring gauge, the burn line is beautiful and does not require any attention while smoking. The cigar can even stay unattended for 1 or 2 minutes and will not go out. As the cigar goes along, the draw also improves; the cigar generates large billows of creamy smoke. Meanwhile, the ash builds up for about one inch or more, and it has a beautiful white/grayish color.

Initial third:

The first third of the cigar is starting at a medium body, with lots of pepper, some earth, a bit of leather and some notes of sweetness. There are also some nice tobacco flavor and some incredible butter and creaminess developing, especially on the finish. Some hints of nuttiness, citrus and black coffee can also be noticed. Overall, a very enjoyable opening of the cigar.

Middle third:

In the middle third, the cigar is still burning perfectly and now offers some more challenging flavors. The butter and cream flavors have died down, the coffee as well, leaving more space to darker and richer flavors. The nuttiness is still around, as well as the sweetness. We can now notice other flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. The body of the cigar increased a bit, and is now a medium-to-full.

Final third:

In the final third, the flavor profile is similar to the previous one. The coffee flavor is gone, now, the chocolate is more noticeable, as well as the citrus notes, especially on the finish

In summary, a very enjoyable cigar, that has beautiful rich flavors.

Smoking time:

45 minutes - 1 hour

Additional Information

Brand Montecristo
Box of 15
Length 5.6 inches (142mm)
Ring Gauge 42
Shape Corona
Strength Medium - Full
Packing Code D-C-C/P-3-n-15

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