Montecristo No.2 - 15 cigars (packs of 3)

Montecristo 100045
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Fantastic Smoke , 11/18/2020 By Jeffrey

This old reliable. Smooth draw, good burn, and bold taste. You have love this cigar. One of the best!
Cuban Staple , 5/10/2020 By Joshua

Classic Smoke
Buy this model, and thank me later , 5/27/2017 By Mike M

These are my favorite Montecristo. I have enjoyed the #4s for years, but the #2 are a fine 55 minute smoke that has a balanced flavor through out the smoke.
Tremendous Customer Service , 10/24/2016 By Barry

This was my first order from Cigar Terminal...actually my first mail order CC. I ordered something from another online place see who delivered the quality goods.
Well - This order never made it to my address. All it took was an email from me and Ken and Mary were on top of it. Super polite and very efficient - they sent me a replacement order quickly and it was received with perfect gorgeous product! Cigar Terminal is awesome!
One of my all time favorites , 12/2/2014 By Bill

I got two of these in my sample pack and they did not disappoint. I have smoked many of these in the past and it was every thing i remembered and more. Smooth from start to finish started off rich and strong and keep on going till the end. I shared these with my business partner at his Halloween party and you could taste the jealousy of the other guest as we happily puffed away. I will definitely make these a staple of my collection as time goes on.
Perfect , 5/26/2014 By Jason

This is one of my favourites, always burns well. Flavourful yet smooth and easy to smoke every time. A must try for anyone starting out with cigars!
The Cigar for Everyone , 7/20/2012 By Cigarologist

I steered clear of Montecristo for a lot of years, particularly the Montecristo No. 2 as I didn't want a cigar that was an "every man's smoke" because to me that indicated it was somewhere in the middle of the road; average. A few years ago I discovered that "every man" included myself as I found the Montecristo No. 2 to be very tasty! It is complex and full of flavor while not overpowering. They are about as good as your average fantastic Cuban cigar!

A note about my experience with quality:
When Montecristo is on, the cigars are absolutely world-class but when they're off, they are really off. I have not had cigars from any other maker with as many inconsistencies in construction (probably 10-15% failure rate in my experience).
Getting Bettah All The Time! , 4/21/2012 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

I did my first review on this Cuban cigar back in August 2011 and, as always, found the reliable and lovable Monty #2 just like I knew it would be after smoking them for so many years.

Recently, I smoked one from a recent Cigar Terminal purchase that not only compelled me to write this review, but also got me to re-thinking my old faithful standbys. It was revolutionary to say the least.

I had been reading lately that the Cuban cigar industry has been working hard to improve their output in order to regain their superiority across the board, with every single cigar they make. Hoorah for them!

But if the Montecristo No. 2 is any indication of where they are going, then let it be said here and now, they are definitely driving themselves in the right direction! The cigar was unquestionably the finest Monty #2 I have ever smoked! It had something I have never detected in a Monty of any type before, and that was a huge lead-in of mouth-watering spice combined with aromas that included hot apple cider, charred alder wood, and numerous other delicious hints of aromas that created the best smelling bouquet of scents you could imagine.


8 Item(s)
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