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The Ultimate Churchill , 4/26/2020 By Ronald

Box date 2016, this is my third review of the same box. Now the cigars are aged 4 years. Simply put the best cigar I have smoked. Rich, medium to full bodied, an explosion of flavors.. they do improve with age! Stored at 65%RH they smoke with just the right draw. I would say the best I have cigar i have tasted in years.. so good I ordered 2 more boxes! Hmm they should be ready to enjoy in 2024!
One of the best cigars! , 12/2/2017 By Ron

After a few months of aging and now storage at 65% RH I can say this is an excellent cigar! Storage at 70% RH can result in a tight draw, I recommend storing these cigars at 65% for the best experience.
They are getting smoother and more delicious! Wow!
One of the best! A classic cigar to remember , 8/20/2017 By Ronald

Box date December 16. First construction. No soft spots, tightly packed, beautiful wrapper. The smell from the box, sweet tobacco so delicious. The cigar, one of the best I have ever had. Coffee but no bitterness with cream, hay, touches of marzipan or nuts. Just a touch of heaven. The draw was a tad bit tight but I may have to dry box them for a day before I try them again.. I would highly recommend them but then I couldn't get more!!!
unbelievable , 3/10/2016 By mike

great smoke... beautiful box... lasted about 2 hours!
elegant , 2/18/2016 By klauss

very delicious and elegant cigar
Gets it right, every time , 12/31/2015 By T.L.

I've never had a bad one, and that's saying a lot. One of, if not the most consistent, complex, tasty, wonderful smokes available. Get them while you can, these are often not in stock. One I'll always keep in the cabinet, for a special time when only the best will do.
Fantastic and enjoyable smoke , 11/24/2015 By timt53

I usually do not smoke large cigars in the churchill size, but when it comes to H.Upmann Sir Winston I make an exception. This cigar is great. From start to all the way to the nub. I could not put it down. Full of flavor and gets better with every puff. Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a box of these while you can, you will not regret it.
Just amazing! , 7/31/2015 By Dean

This is an incredible cigar and with all of its flavors was very balanced as well.
The Champ of Cuban cigars... , 3/24/2012 By BILL

Purchased from Cigar Terminal, this fine churchill starts off slowly but builds power at the half way point. First third of the cigar has a vegetal taste with slight sweetness. As the stick warms in the second half the power builds. Treat the second stanza with respect. Best smoked after a fine meal with the beverage of your choice. Sit back and relax. No rushing this. Enjoy!
Cigar Heaven On Earth , 8/19/2011 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

Another serious heavyweight contender for best of class in this size range. And, in my humble opinion, it would be a Las Vegas-favored challenger in the World Of Champions arena.

This is plain and simple one of the best smokes for your indulgence available today. Now watch my lips: IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Why, you ask? Because this cigar is a beautiful example of the works of art coming from the forbidden island. With a soft and almost velvety wrapper, and a solid body with good weight, it is not only lovely to look at, but creates an anticipation that borders sheer excitement.

To my knowledge, this cigar has never garnered anything but hugely successful and highly favorable reviews. If scores were kept on reviews, this cigar could possibly be a runaway candidate for the highest-scoring cigar ever made.

This beauty delivers everything you could possibly ever want in a cigar. Great smoke volume, good draw, clean burn and ash, very pleasant aromas, delicious taste, and despite the fact that you may think I am loony, it really does have great value!

How can that be? Simple. I would rather smoke just one of these a week, than all the other crap on a daily basis, because I know that I would enjoy that one day far, far more than all the other seven without this cigar!

I have been buying and smoking this cigar for years, and I would probably commit suicide if ever this cigar was no longer available. OK, so maybe I wouldn't go that far, but I would be very unhappy. Try it yourself, because this is a real insider cigar for the true Habano Intelligentsia. I promise you will love this cigar as much as I do.
10 Item(s)
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