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Great value for the price , 2/15/2020 By Brian

This is one of Fonseca's better smokes. If hydrated properly will deliver some strength and flavor.
perfect smoke , 8/29/2019 By Richard

a wonderful light smoke, helps you relax after that hard day, close your eyes and let the smoke take you way with it, great from the lighting to the end
Richard UK
Nice TRUE Cuban Cigar!! , 1/24/2018 By Joel

Pretty nice smaller cigar! Once the cigar is lit, one can smell the traditional Cuban cigar odors. The draw at the very beginning is tight but after a minute or so, it begins to warm up and draw just fine. More often than not when a cigar is first lit, the draw will be a little tight until the cigar becomes warm. This is normal and natural with any cigar and not reserved just for these cigars.

The odor of the cigar remained the same for the entire smoking process. The flavor was also constant for the smoking process except for the last third of it. Once you get into the last third of the cigar, the flavor profile begins to change a bit. During the final third of the cigar the flavor gets a little more intense and provides some spicy pepper taste.

The spicy pepper flavor isn't overwhelming nor is it harsh. The cigar makes a nice firm ash and holds together nicely. Out of all the Cuban cigars I've reviewed here on Cigar Terminal, I'd have to say these are more mild than the others I've purchased. Like some have said, these cigars are a nice beginner cigar introducing someone to the wonderful Cuban cigar smoking world! They are def worth trying as well as keeping on hand. They are priced fairly and you get your money's worth for sure!

As usual, Cigar Terminal was awesome as they always are! Mary and Ken ROCK THE CIGAR INDUSTRY MORE THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE! The ordering process is easy and the entire process from start to finish always takes me approximately 2 weeks. That's start to finish, which isn't too bad. As a location reference, I'm located in the Dallas, Texas metro area. So 2 weeks from the initial picking out cigars to receiving them is pretty fast. The cigars have always arrived fresh and not damaged in any way.

Give these cigars a try if you're looking for consistency throughout your smoke. As stated, it's a mild cigar with a little nice punch on the last third of the cigar. This leaves you with a spicy pepper flavor on the palette which is always a nice finish. Also, these are good to have on hand if you're introducing a friend to smoking Cuban cigars. Your friends will appreciate you starting them out with a milder cigar instead of the many robust ones out there. I hope this review helps someone out who's been looking for a milder Cuban cigar. It's a good morning cigar or anytime cigar that doesn't require food on your stomach. Take care all and enjoy purchasing from Cigar Terminal as they are the REAL DEAL!!
Nice to begin with Habanos , 11/15/2017 By katt

Nice small cigar. For beginner smoker.
Light flavor, goes very well with a coffee in the morning for an hour break.
Fonseca KDT Cadetes , 4/27/2017 By Khalifa

It has a unique taste and its a quick smoke
Not bad,not bad , 7/17/2016 By James

I did not have the problem with duds or tight draw. The cigar is not pretty, and will not impress your friends. What it lacks in presentation it makes up for in value. It gets the 4 star rating for value.
Great value , 2/18/2016 By Andrew

Although there are a few duds in the box the price is well worth it.
Cheap and consistent! , 7/31/2015 By Dean

I wasn't too excited but it is a good value for money cigar.
Great flavour, poor build quality , 5/19/2014 By Chris

This cigar has some amazing flavours for a light bodied and smaller stick. The major drawback is that out of a box of 25 you will be lucky to get as many as half which don't suffer from what I would call a pretty hard draw. The tobacco is packed so tightly in some of them that getting a good draw and therefore a good smoking experience is quite often a rarity.

When these cigars are good, they are very good. Sweet flavours including vanilla and toffee and overall very creamy and smooth. Near the end of the cigar it gets a little spicy but only compared to the cigar as a whole. If these had better build quality in terms of draw I would be getting these to smoke as an every day smoke in the morning with a nice coffee, the flavour profile compliments it perfectly. Unfortunately I do not want to be sucking a watermelon through a hose pipe at 07:00 in the morning!

I would say that for the great price offered here they are worth looking at, especially if they have a good draw, just be prepared to deal with some tight draws.
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