San Cristobal El Morro - 25 cigars

San Cristobal de La Habana 230009

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The San Cristobal El Morro is a massive and complex medium bodied Double Corona, 7.1” (180mm) long, of 47 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box.

San Cristobal El Morro - 25 cigars

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San Cristobal El Morro - 25 cigars [7.1" x 49]

The San Cristobal El Morro is a beautiful and complex smoke.

  • • Very smooth and perfectly balanced flavors.
  • • A cigar that needs to have some age to be at its best.

Wonderful medium bodied Double Coronas that will delight both beginners and experienced smokers.


The San Cristobal El Morro comes in a dress box of 25 cigars with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 180 mm (7.1 inches)

Diameter: 19.84 mm

Ring gauge: 49

Shape: Double Corona/Pacos


The San Cristobal El Morro looks beautiful; the Maduro wrapper has a nice and uniform dark brown color, with no apparent veins. It is pretty oily, very smooth to the touch. The cigar has slight box press and is very well constructed; it is firm and well packed. The triple cap at the foot is flawless.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The aroma coming out from the cigar at cold is subtle: mostly hay with some chocolate, some nuts and sweeter notes. The heads cuts off easily and reveals a perfect draw.

Burn/ Draw

The cigar lights up easily. The draw is great from the start and the cigar releases a nice and white tasty smoke. The El Morro burns in a nice coal cone at the foot. Although it required two touch ups while smoking the cigar, it burns great, in an even line. The ash is of dark gray color which holds on for more than an inch.

Initial third:

After mild first draws dominated by some floral and biter flavors, some deep and more intense flavors appear in the foreground. There are now some deep earthy flavors, with some notes of leather and of mustiness. There are so few hints of twang at the beginning, while some sweetness also joins the mix with flavors of caramel, milk chocolate and hazelnut. The creaminess is really defining the first third. There are also few hints of red fruits, such as raspberries. Overall, the finish is rather fry. The body of the cigar is at medium level.

Middle third:

The creaminess goes on in the second third while some woody flavors become noticeable. They join the spiciness which is now mixing with the cream, into a beautiful sweet and spicy characteristic. The flavors are deep, rich and very creamy overall, never overpowering. The finish is now longer with some floral notes. The body remains at a medium level.

Final third:

In the final third, some bitterness comes back, reminiscent of the first third. The spiciness is also stronger, while the sweetness almost completely receded. The wood is still around, the leather as well. This is a beautiful final third, with some sweet nuttiness, marzipan and almond also joining the mix. A typical Cuban smoke to finish with.

In summary, it is an amazing Cuban smoke, rich in flavors which is preferable for an after dinner smoke. In the meantime, it remains in the medium level for strength, which makes it a great smoke for a beginner smoker.

Smoking time:

1 hour 45 minutes - 2 hours 15 minutes

Información adicional

Marca San Cristobal de La Habana
Caja de 25
Longitud 7.1 inches (180mm)
Calibre para anillos 47
Shape Double Corona
Fuerza Medium
Código de embalaje CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25

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