Ramon Allones Superiores - 10 cigars

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The Ramon Allones Superiores is a tasty medium Grand Corona, 5.6” (143mm) long, of 46 ring gauge, and comes in a 10 cigars box. They are a La Casa Del Habanos exclusive. They are available in 10 count dress boxes. There are 5,000 unnumbered boxes released every year as an LCDH exclusive.

Ramon Allones Superiores

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Ramon Allones Superiores - 10 cigars [5.6" x 46]

Ramon Allones Superiores were originally released in 2010 as a La Casa Del Habanos exclusive.

  • • The Ramon Allones Superiores comes in at a 46 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length. They are available in 10 count dress boxes.
  • • There are 5,000 unnumbered boxes released every year as an LCDH exclusive.

These cigars are presented as a LCDH edition in limited quantities which make them unique. This new series carry a second LCDH band, as well as the Ramon Allones brand band.

With complex and strong flavours as it is characteristics of Ramon Allones, Ramon Allones Superiores are a great treat for the most refined aficionados


The Ramon Allones Superiores comes in a 10 count dress box with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 143mm

Diameter: 18.26mm

Ring Gauge: 46

Shape:Corona Gorda


The appearance of the Ramon Allones Superiores is impeccable. The wrapper is a dark, creamy hazelnut hue of brown. Very smooth the to touch with no apparent veins. The wrapper feels very delicate in the hand.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up:

Aromas of barnyard, cocoa, earth and a hint of honey emanate from the wrapper. The construction is excellent. A slight give when squeezed and no soft spots to speak of. The triple cap is nicely rounded and the foot is packed. The pre-light draw is perfect.


Smooth and easy draw with a nice airflow and a slight resistance.

Initial third:

The first third is very subtle and shy from the start. Cocoa, raisins, molasses and a hint of cinnamon welcomes you to the first third. Strength is at a medium level. A touch of citrus is also coming through here and there. The amount of smoke produced by the cigar is generous and the burn line is nice.

Middle third:

In the second third, leather enters the fray, combining nicely with earth, cocoa, raisins and molasses. The cinnamon note has given way to a touch of citrus. Very tasty flavor profile and just delicious.

Final third:

The flavours gets more deeper with espresso, cocoa, earth and leather seem to have taken over the driver’s seat. More richer in flavor and heavier on the palate. The strength continues to be at a medium level. The after finish is very long. Heavier, richer, decadent .

In summary, this cigar is a nice balance between strength and flavor profile. Excellent tobacco and quality construction with no harshness. The cigar builds up and layers flavors throughout the smoke.

These cigars will suit the more experienced palate.

Smoking time:45 - 60 minutes

Información adicional

Marca Ramon Allones
Caja de 10
Longitud 5.6 inches (143mm)
Calibre para anillos 46
Shape Grand Corona
Fuerza Medium
Código de embalaje CB-UW-n-10-n-10

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