Bolivar Coronas Gigantes - 25 cigars

Bolivar 10005

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The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is a big, bold and really beefy Churchill, 7" (178mm) long, of 47 ring gauge, and comes in a 25 cigars box. It is much sought after by cigar connoisseurs the world over. We can tell from its dark wrapper that this strong cigar will deliver full-bodied flavors in our palate. It creates a thick and heavy smoke that clouds over you and that you could almost chew. It develops a rich acrid taste of peat and double roasted coffee with a pinch of spice. Your nose fills up with its strong aroma that reminds of leather, tobacco and soil. All along the cigar, the strength arises and by the end, even the most demanding connoisseur is replete and well satisfied.

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes - 25 cigars

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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes - 25 cigars [7.0" x 47]

Classic Bolivar tastes that are long enough to keep you going for about 2 hours

  • • Big and bold, beefy and husky.
  • • Mouth-watering and full of flavors.

Relax for awhile and enjoy this well balanced and complex vitola.


The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes comes in a boite nature box with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 178 mm

Diameter: 18.65 mm

Ring gauge: 47

Shape: Churchill


The construction is impeccable. The rich Colorado wrapper is finely veined, very slightly oily and is of uniform color and texture. The cigar has the appearance and feel of a well-worn English leather chair—very firm, yet with just the right amount of pliability.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Pre-light, the foot smells fantastic. The scent is meaty, faintly greasy, and savory; the thought that comes to mind is home cured beef jerky.

Burn/ Draw

The draw feels perfect and the burn is even from foot to nub.

Initial third:

The initial third delivers mouthfuls of cool smoke packed with woody notes, cocoa, and wonderfully sweet, nutty flavors—something like biting into a walnut brownie. The sweetness remains, but the initial nuttiness gives way to a satisfying meaty, tangy tobacco flavor. The ash holds on for a good two inches before falling off on its own.

Middle third:

The cigar turns into an espresso bomb. Every pull was like holding a mouthful of rich, dark Italian roast. This goes on for a good thirty minutes. Each draw seems to improve on the previous one building into an espresso crescendo.

Final third:

The espresso crescendo continues but is now joined by the taste of hand rubbed English leather and aged tobacco in perfect harmony. Along with cream and honey. The perfect marriage.

In summary, one could not ask for a better balanced or complex union of flavors.

Smoking time:

100 - 120 Minutes

Información adicional

Marca Bolivar
Caja de 25
Longitud 7.0 inches (178mm)
Calibre para anillos 47
Shape Churchill
Fuerza Full
Código de embalaje CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


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