Cohiba Siglo II - 25 cigars (packs of 5)

Cohiba 20042

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The Cohiba Siglo II is an all-star cigar, a medium bodied Mareva, with 42 ring gauge, 5” (129mm) long and comes in a 5 packs of 5 cigars. Very well constructed cigar, it reflects Cohiba’s attention to detail and strive for perfection. The cigar smokes slowly and packs the typical Cohiba flavors in a shorter vitola. Lots of honey, leather and delicious cocoa and vanilla flavors. An amazing short Cohiba.

Cohiba Siglo II - cigar

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Cohiba Siglo II - 25 cigars (packs of 5) [5.0" x 42]

The Cohiba Siglo II has a delicious aroma that will relax you until you fall over.

  • • Honey and Cohiba's trademark grassy qualities are clearly apparent in the first half of the smoke.
  • • The second and third phases release cocoa, leather, tobacco and vanilla beans on to the palate through an impressively thick smoke.

This is really a beautiful looking and great smoking petit corona with vein-less Colorado/Natural wrapper, good construction and always well filled.


The Cohiba Siglo II comes in 5 cardboard packs of 5 cigars with Habanos packing code D-C-C/P-5-C/B-25


Length: 129 mm

Diameter: 16.67 mm

Ring gauge: 42

Shape: Petit Corona/Mareva


The wrapper is clean with no large veins. No box press. Every band is perfect. The Cohiba Siglo II is no exception. The wrapper is somewhat dark, about the average shade for these Cigars with a well applied triple cap.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The Cohiba Siglo II cuts with ease. The cut is clean, and the draw is perfect. Everything is of the highest standards. With the premium you're paying for the brand, you expect the highest of quality, and luckily enough this cigar delivers as like many of the Cohiba's. One of the things that was quite pronounced is the smell at the foot of the Cigar was the floral undertones with distinct barnyard. Gotta love that!!

Burn/ Draw

The cigar lights up very easy. The draw is on the firm side, as expected from the beginning, but it's not unpleasant. Any uneven burn quickly evens out, while thick grey ash is forming and stays perfectly on the cigar. Yields billowing clouds of smoke.

Initial third:

With the first few puffs comes a robust leather and tobacco flavor profile that's not overwhelming, but is smooth and agile. A few more puffs reveal a butterscotch, and woody tones that is quite nice as it delivers some depth with the cigar. There's a good amount of smoke coming from the Siglo II that indicates that it's burning well and indicative of the high quality of construction.

The flavor profile so early on is more medium to full then light to medium. If you're someone who enjoys the old school flavors of the Bolivar's and the Partagas's, then you will enjoy the fuller than usual flavor profile of this Cohiba.

Middle third:

One of the highlights so far is that the burn is just perfect. Every draw sees the burn recede just perfectly down the Cigar without any twists or turns. Exceptional.

The flavor profile of the Siglo II however stays steady to the profile of the first third with hints of honey and leather. Boy this is good. This is very good. We start to pick up some grassy notes and that's not a bad thing.

Final third:

It's getting to the end of the Siglo II in the final third but the cigar is still smoking exceptionally well. Naturally towards the end of the Cigar the strength starts to intensify and this one is no different. The Cohiba Siglo II is an outstanding smoke!

In summary, one needs to let the Siglo II go when your fingertips start to burn and you can't hold on to it any more.

Smoking time:

60 - 90 Minutes

Informations complémentaires

Marque Cohiba
Boîte de 25
Longueur 5.0 inches (129mm)
Calibre de bague 42
Shape Petit Corona
Force Medium
Code de boîte D-C-C/P-5-C/B-25

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