Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 - 100 cigars (tins of 20)

Cohiba 200053

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The Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 packs 100 of the famous Cuban classic light-medium cigarillo, 3.2” (82mm) by 20 ring gauge, and comes in 5 tins of 20 cigars. It is a machine-made cigarillo manufactured by ICT, under license of Habanos SA, like all cigarillos. They are using short-filler tobacco, which grows on plants also located in the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba, where the Habanos originate from. The Cohiba Mini comes pre cut and with no bands.

Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 - tin and cigar

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Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 - 100 cigars (tins of 20) [3.2" x 20]

The Cohiba Mini is a very good option for a mild and short smoke.

  • • Mildly spicy, never overpowering.
  • • Real Cuban taste, complex mix of flavors: wood, leather, spices, sweetness.

This cigarillo simply provides a very pleasant experience.


The Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 comes in 5 tins of 20 cigars


Length: 82 mm (3.22 inches)

Diameter: 7.8 mm

Ring gauge: 20

Shape: Mini


The Cohiba Mini comes pre cut and with no bands. Its size is similar to a cigarette; the wrapper is rough and bumpy with apparent veins.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Aromas of tobacco and spice.


The draw on the Cohiba Mini is good, not too loose, not too open. The burn poses no issues.

First half:

The first third of the cigar is very mild, slightly under a medium body. The dominant flavors are of woody and earthy with some hints of leather.

Second half:

In the second half, the flavors of chocolate fade away and give way to more bitterness of leather and woodiness.

In summary, a great mild smoke.

Smoking time:

5-10 minutes

Información adicional

Marca Cohiba
Caja de 100
Longitud 82 mm (3.2")
Calibre para anillos 20
Shape Cigarillo
Fuerza Light - Medium
Código de embalaje 5x20

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