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Another Excellent RyJ , 7/16/2019 By Jerry

Several years ago, I purchased a box of RyJ Wide Churchills as a wedding gift for a good friend. We smoked a couple of them during the reception and I've never looked back. Ever since that time, I've tried many cigars- both domestic and Cuban, including Cigar Terminal's Cuban Sampler pack, only to be drawn back to the RyJ line. Is there one best cigar? Is there one best meal? For me, the RyJ Churchill line exhibits a mild, complex, almost a slightly sweet, aroma- no spice and little nicotine. And, the short Churchill is typical of the line. A major advantage? If you have less time to enjoy a great cigar, the short Churchill is a good takes less than an hour to enjoy.
Can be an awesome smoking experience, smooth n creamy, subtle nuts and chocolate , 11/11/2016 By Dooges

I have almost finished my first box of RYJ Short Churchills. They were my first ever purchase from Cigar Terminal (7 June 2015), and they arrived in under 10 days all the way to Australia. I couldn't wait to open them, my first box of Cubans and bam, rich notes of cedar and hay pouring out of the open box. My friend and I just sat in the car passing the box back and forth taking huge sniffs of the beautiful little row of perfection.

I guess I should have left them to age but everything from the look and feel of the smooth light perfectly rolled wrapper, to the insane barnyard and hay aroma, with memories of the gorgeous rich creamy smoke, gosh darn it, I just couldn't hold off. Down to my last 7 which I have sealed up and put at bottom of coolador out of sight, and hopefully eventually out of mind.

There are other cigars out there with more complex richer flavour, but there is just something delicious about the RYJ Short Churchill that makes me dream of my next one.
Just excellent! , 2/4/2016 By Marko

Really not much more to say! One of the best, if not THE best vitola I've smoked!
I love RYJ , 3/11/2015 By Utomo

Cigars I've been wishing for sometime
Should enjoy it with nice wine & nice lady companion
Perennial favourite , 2/23/2015 By Tom

I recall, on a trip to Cuba, being told that Romeo y Julieta were regarded as "women's cigars". Whether this was intended to be disparaging to either the cigars or women, I cannot truly say. What I can say, though, is that they are excellent cigars with a relatively light flavour and subtle nuttiness. Not, perhaps, a cigar for the macho hardcore (perhaps that was what my informant meant), but a pleasing smoke nonetheless.
Good, but not the greatest , 9/5/2014 By Ken

Picked up two boxes of these a while back, and have smoked them all to this date throughout the 3 years since I purchased them.

When I smoked the first few, they were surely young and tasted green, floral, and almost a bit piney.

After a year or so of aging, the piney taste went away and became much more woody. I keep my cigars in a properly maintained humidor, but the smoke was very dry - I cannot call this cigar creamy. However, the draw was easy and produced a good amount of smoke.

After 2-3 years of aging, the sticks became better but still not what I would call a fantastic cigar. A little nuttiness came in, but the floral and woody notes dominated. Again, there was no creamy taste and the smoke was very dry.

Not my cup of tea, but if this flavor profile is your thing - give it a try. These are great construction-wise.
Excellent! , 7/7/2014 By Alexander

I smoked 2 of these fine puros this 4th of July weekend and they were excellent. I will be buying a box of 25 soon. I will finish this box of 10 first and save 5 for aging!
A+ - 5 Stars , 10/7/2013 By Uncel Buck

I think I need to sit down and have good cup of coffee and see what these cigars can give you.Yes, these cigars have a cedary taste for starters and they have so much more to give.
A Major Disappointment , 8/27/2011 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

In all the years of smoking Cuban cigars, I don't recall any cigar as averse to its heritage as the R y J Short Churchill.

This was completely unexpected, and took me by surprise. As I continued smoking this cigar, I kept hoping that something short of a miracle would happen to make things improve.

After coming to the conclusion that the cigar fairies were not going to intervene, I pulled myself together and forced my way to the final two inches of this cigar. Here are some notes describing the unpleasant journey:

ON THE PLUS SIDE: the cigar has a great draw.

ON THE MINUS SIDE: it's because it's packed loose and becomes downright spongy as time progresses.

ON THE PLUS SIDE: you could easily have this cigar before breakfast.

ON THE MINUS SIDE: it's so light-bodied and mild that it is difficult to ascertain much more than just a hint of tobacco taste and smell.

ON THE PLUS SIDE: this cigar took only 25 to 30 minutes to smoke.

ON THE MINUS SIDE: that was approximately 20 to 25 minutes too long.

My advice: Pass this cigar up and do yourself a favor by looking at some of the other great family members of the R y J tribe. They have many worthy Habanos that truly are great.
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