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Punch Double Coronas - 25 cigars

Punch Double Coronas - 25 cigars

Product Review (submitted on August 19, 2011):
If there is but one true Habano that clearly defines the true meaning of the following statement:


then it is the Punch Double Corona!

This cigar can speedily settle any challenge that could possibly arise as to the unmistakable sovereignty of Cuban cigars. It also is Cuba rolled up into a cigar; the history, the place, the culture, and the unquestioned purity of Cuban soil.

If great French wines have what is known as "Terroir" (the earth from which the grapes are grown is known to influence the flavor of the wine) then Cuban cigars also have the same character that gives only them the essence of place from which they emerge. I am speaking of the earthiness that is found only in true Habanos, and in no other cigars on earth!

The Punch Double Corona possesses the greatest example of Cuban earthiness that I personally have ever experienced. Along with a host of other influences, none emerge as dominant as this one characteristic.

For me, this true taste of Cuba that sets Habanos so far apart from cigars from any other place on earth, is what I love.The damp, woody earthiness found only in Habanos.

Forgo all the other rhetoric about this or that flavor on your palate, and just go for what has made Cuba the undeniable king of cigar making for centuries. This cigar is the one!

If you have never had the pleasure of smoking a Cuban, then do yourself a favor and start with one that you will never forget!

And, if you have been fortunate enough to have tried Cuban cigars but not this one, then set your life straight and order them immediately!
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