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Another knockout experience delivered from Punch! , 2/19/2021 By Maverick

Cigar Terminal is the best! Outstanding customer service delivering genuine Cuban cigars. I managed to get a 3 year old box, and there was some damage, which Cigar Terminal immediately made right. These are truly magnificent specimens to behold. A great after dinner cigar in front of the fire place, or great one for the golf course. Make sure you have some time on your hand for this one. It started out with a creamy earthy flavor, and went on to hints of peanuts and chocolate. This cigar stays in the medium range until the final third when it finishes strong with loads of flavor. Definitely an experience to remember.
Great Smoke , 8/17/2020 By Patricia

Love the earthy taste with hints of nuts. Great smoke when I have the time after dinner. They are a very consistent smoke lately which is a bonus. They are definitely one of my favourite cigars.
Hard to put down , 9/12/2017 By Mark

The best cigar I have tried in my limited experience. I was lucky enough to receive a June, 2014 box, so over 3 years of age already. I made sure to wait about a month and let it settle in the humidor before I tried my first one.

Once lit, you can already taste the difference aging makes. I had a Partagas Double Corona that was from July 2016 and flavor was completely lacking, specially in the first third of the cigar. I intend to let these cigars sit and only smoke them on special occasions while the rest of my stash gets to the appropriate age. These larger cigars really benefit from at least 2-3 years of aging to really enjoy their potential.
Got a 2014 box! NICE! , 3/8/2017 By Raymond

Got a 2014 Box, it'll be 3 years old in June this year. Which is perfect because I want to rest these for a few months before I taste them to get a perfect baseline. Cigar Terminal send fast and provided a Boveda bag, legit cigars and excellent service
Wonderful double corona , 7/12/2016 By Ryan

Perfect during a round of golf. My first out of the box burned slowly but without need of relighting. Lots of smoke. Great construction. About a 100 minute smoke. Medium nose and palate notes. Wonderful
DOBLE....not double , 1/23/2015 By Walt

This one of the CC classics

A great 90 minute chocolate bomb!

A great smoke.
An hour of pure enjoyment. Don't rush it. , 9/13/2012 By Mark

Dark chocolate. Let these Cuban cigars sit for a couple of weeks before you smoke, then light up and enjoy.

One of Cuba's best.
Great Smoke... , 3/19/2012 By jerz-cigar-guy

The Punch Double Coronas is smooth and satisfying, just as a cigar should be... And Cigar Terminal does a great job of delivering the product.
One of the best...... , 10/11/2011 By Schwob

The Punch Double Corona, when on, is one of the best Cuban cigars bar none. Production as of late has been hit or miss though. If you buy a box, wait a month for them to settle down from shipping stress and try ONE. These are best with age on them. Try another one in a year and take note of the changes. Take the time to enjoy what may be the best cigar of your life... Yes, they can be that good!
A True Taste Of Cuba! , 8/19/2011 By PollyWolly (The Cigar Bird)

If there is but one true Habano that clearly defines the true meaning of the following statement:


then it is the Punch Double Corona!

This cigar can speedily settle any challenge that could possibly arise as to the unmistakable sovereignty of Cuban cigars. It also is Cuba rolled up into a cigar; the history, the place, the culture, and the unquestioned purity of Cuban soil.

If great French wines have what is known as "Terroir" (the earth from which the grapes are grown is known to influence the flavor of the wine) then Cuban cigars also have the same character that gives only them the essence of place from which they emerge. I am speaking of the earthiness that is found only in true Habanos, and in no other cigars on earth!

The Punch Double Corona possesses the greatest example of Cuban earthiness that I personally have ever experienced. Along with a host of other influences, none emerge as dominant as this one characteristic.

For me, this true taste of Cuba that sets Habanos so far apart from cigars from any other place on earth, is what I love.The damp, woody earthiness found only in Habanos.

Forgo all the other rhetoric about this or that flavor on your palate, and just go for what has made Cuba the undeniable king of cigar making for centuries. This cigar is the one!

If you have never had the pleasure of smoking a Cuban, then do yourself a favor and start with one that you will never forget!

And, if you have been fortunate enough to have tried Cuban cigars but not this one, then set your life straight and order them immediately!
10 Item(s)
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