Partagas Shorts - 25 cigars

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The Partagas Shorts is Partagas’ small superstar, full body, of Petit Corona format, 42 ring gauge, 4.3” (110mm) long and comes in a box of 25 cigars. It packs all the typical Partagas flavors, its flavor profile is somewhat similar to the Partagas Serie D No.4, with plenty of cedar, pepper and earthy tones.

Partagas Shorts - 25 cigars

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Partagas Shorts - 25 cigars [4.3" x 42]

The Partagas Short has all the typical Partagas flavors in a small vitola.

  • • This cigar is appreciated by experienced smokers and connoisseurs alike who wish to smoke complex full bodied cigars in a shorter time.
  • • A great summary of what a great Partagas can be.

This is a great cigar to have on hand when looking for a full bodied classic Habana but you're short on time.


The Partagas Shorts comes in a dress box of 25 cigars with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 110 mm

Diameter: 16.67 mm

Ring gauge: 42

Shape: Petit Corona / Minuto


The Partagas Shorts is a well rolled cigar, with a rugged, reddish brown, oily and minimal veiny wrapper with an even, tight bunch. Solid triple cap application.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Smooth to feel and spongy, with strong aromas of earth and wood and the wrapper has that beloved barnyard smell. It has a good cap.

Burn/ Draw

Lighting is pretty easy for such a short cigar. The draw is very good. The burn is as good as it can get.

Initial third:

The Shorts tastes like a Partagas, almost identical to its big brother, the Partagas Serie D No.4. The cigar delivers thick, rich and flavorful smoke, with cedar, nutmeg, coffee and earth flavors.

Middle third:

The flavors are balancing out and the cigar reveals its medium to full body. The draw is still good and the burn is still even. Woody and spicy flavors are now more noticeable, accompanied by earthy, musky vanilla tones.

Final third:

In the last third, the cigar is very straightforward and enjoyable. It gets stronger towards the end, with full flavors of sweetness, leather, wood and nuts, but it never becomes harsh or hot. It has a buttery, cedar and musky finish.

In summary, this is a delicious full bodied cigar in a small format.

Smoking time:

20 - 30 Minutes

Additional Information

Brand Partagas
Box of 25
Length 4.3 inches (110mm)
Ring Gauge 42
Shape Petit Corona
Strength Full
Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25



Great smoke for the price! , 6/21/2020
By Korosh
Just smoked the first one of the box of 25. They were boxed over a year and half ago. The cigar smokes much larger than its size with plenty of smoke and flavor. Thick milky smoke. The burn could be a little better but at this price, no complaints. I have had these after they were in the humidor for a year and they age very well. Highly recommended at this price. Adding a box to the next order as well, to let them age.
Not the Crown Jewel of a Famed Brand , 4/2/2020
By Brad
This pains me to say, but this stick was just okay. I had high hopes based upon brand name, but I think other Partagas may be worth a look. The finish is the highlight here; licorice and some spice, but the flavors are somewhat muted in the first 2/3. I suspect that a larger ring gauge would help with the balance.
A Spicy and Peppery Thirty Minutes of Bliss! Exquisite Cigars. , 1/1/2020
By Johnny Diesel
Impeccable Wrappers Displayed through Superior Quality Craftsmanship. Great Draw. Full Spicy Flavor in a Mighty Little Cigar. Just Awesome!
It may be short in size but not in flavor! , 11/15/2019
By BasicTek
I definitely need to buy bigger Paragas cigars, I always find myself wanting more when finishing theses small cigars. Despite being small the rich creamy flavor is outstanding. The price for these little gems is fantastic. This will definitely be a cigar that I will buy in the future (unless I decide to only get a larger version) So far Partagas are my #1 Cuban cigar. Draw was a little tight at the beginning but opened up very quickly after just a few puffs, the burn was good and I smoked it to the nub. I got this from the Cuban All Star Sampler Pack and have already bought a new box of Partagas.
A long time Partagas fan , 8/19/2017
By Edward
Partagas Shorts have been my go-to cigar for years. They are everything you would expect from a high end Cuban cigar at a very reasonable price. However, recently these cigars have been hit or miss. Not sure if they are being rushed through production, being rolled by inexperienced trainees, or just a bad crop year. I have found the last 5 or 6 boxes to have more tight rolled cigars and flat tasting cigars than ever before. While still a great cigar, they are not what they once were.
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